Album: Jensen McRae – Are You Happy Now?

American singer-songwriter and poet Jensen McRae has released her debut studio album, “Are You Happy Now?”.

Jensen McRae gained prominence for her debut singles “White Boy” (2019) and “Wolves”(2020). Her music has been recommended by Rolling Stone, Vulture, Nylon, NPR, and The Fader. McRae’s debut EP Who Hurt You? was released on June 25, 2021.

McRae released her first two EPs online during college, Lighter (2017) and Milkshakes (2018). Her debut single “White Boy” was released after her college graduation in 2019, followed by “Wolves” in 2020.

McRae is compared to folk artists like Tracy Chapman and describes her music as “folk-alternative-pop”. She is an alto. She said that music industry professionals attempt to box her music into r&b and soul because she’s a Black artist. Her music was described by WNUR: “Her rich, soothing voice complements the poised rebellion rooted in her socially and politically conscious lyrics.”

Her lyrics frequently reference personal experiences and larger social and political themes. In March 2020 she released “The Plague” in reference to the United States government’s failure to respond effectively to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In January 2021, McRae tweeted “in 2023 Phoebe Bridgers is gonna drop her third album & the opening track will be about hooking up in the car while waiting in line to get vaccinated at dodger stadium and it’s gonna make me cry.” The Tweet went viral, and Bridgers also retweeted it. Soon after she released the parody vaccination theme song “Immune” in the style of Bridgers, produced by Rahki. That month she also collaborated with fellow Black folk artist Joy Oladokun on the track “Wish You the Best”.

In March 2021 she released the track “Starting To Get To You,” which was named one of NPR’s 16 Songs Public Radio Can’t Stop Playing.

Are You Happy Now? Tracklist

  1. Starting to Get to You
  2. Happy Girl
  3. Take It Easy
  4. Headlock, Pt. 1 – Mother
  5. Adam’s Ribs
  6. Good Legs
  7. Headlock, Pt. 2 – Father
  8. Wolves
  9. With the Lights On
  10. Machines
  11. White Boy
  12. Headlock, Pt. 3 – Daughter
  13. Dead Girl Walking
  14. My Ego Dies At The End
  15. Make You Proud

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