Top 8 TikTok Accounts That’s Worth Your Time

TikTok doesn’t have the best reputation at times. The platform is often derided as an ADD wasteland of attention getting fluff, but there are clever, informative, entertaining and even educational channels that are worth your time, channels that can convert even the stingiest of TikTok nose holders.


Shiadanni is definitely a glamorous and dramatic channel you should check out, especially in this excellent recipe video in which she shows you how to charm that Latina you’ve been pining for. She frequently does things such as run in Spanish, waits in Spanish, and maths in Spanish. Don’t worry! This video is (mostly) in English! (With charming Latina accent, of course!).


Miniminuteman is an archeologist who routinely debunks archeological conspiracy theories such as Pompei was not destroyed by a volcano, or Troy did not exist, as well as the ever popular “Aliens!” trope. Lots of fun with good comebacks for those History Channel fans. You will learn a lot by checking out his TikToks.


Hayley Morris puts on short films about her body, and how various parts of her body, (All played by her,) interact when something’s going on, like when she’s really hungry, or about to have her time of the month, or in this bit when she takes a pregnancy test. Watch the uterus and vagina go after each other! With the brain chiming in now and then.


I found geodesaurus when she did a Spooky Lake Month, AKA Haunted Hydrology, where she showcased a different wicked and weird lake for the month of October. Get an education as she highlights truly fascinating details and histories of some of Earth’s most unique bodies of water. You would never believe lakes and seas could be so interesting and bizarre. Seriously, this stuff is a trip!


underthedesknews is Vitus Spehar, (V,) under a desk giving concise, intelligent, and insightful recaps of daily news and events, including some things you might not know about. Lately it’s been about workers struggles including strikes and actions that are not widely broadcast in the mainstream media. If you follow only one channel from this list, make it this one!


Mommyfarmer is updates and vignettes of the Twin Pines animal sanctuary. Rebecca Pyle starts and ends the days with her intrepid Corgis who help and “help” her out with barn chores. Meet all of her critters such as goats, ducks, horses, pigs, and barn cats, along with lots of other animals.

She almost took down this channel at one point because of a slew of trolls who were posting hateful comments on her videos. She only changed her mind when their was an outcry from her fans, (Including me,) to keep soldiering on! (I even volunteered to monitor her channel’s comments for her.) Which just goes to show you the nature of trolls. How anyone could ever find this channel offensive is just beyond! (Internet trolls: Lowest form of life on the planet!)


Texasbeeworks is the TikTok for bee handler and rescuer Erika Thompson, as she is called in to handle hives that have taken residence in all manner of buildings and objects. Watching her manage handfuls of bees with her bare hands is fascinating as she saves whole colonies of bees. Definitely check out her bee adventures. Many of her stories have quite a happy ending!


mndiaye_97 gives you quick and handy dandy information on dangerous animals! Or critters that can, as he puts it, “…turn you into a hashtag in less than ## seconds.” Educational, informative, and often surprising! TW: Some of his vids have images of animals getting turned into a hashtag and some of the details of some of these animals can be a wee bit gruesome!

In this video, he schools us about popular survival tips you should NOT follow!

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