HipHopMill’s Top 10 Songs Pick Of This Week

Good day to all HipHopMillers! Welcome one more Sunday to our selection of the best of the week. We are closing October with a review as the occasion deserves… Ready?

Snavs, Jack Dawson – Done To Me [Lowly]

“Done To Me” was a song that definitely had to be part of this Selection. The union between Snavs and Jack Dawson is simply magical, creating two drops with a truly unique set of sounds. Trap with shades of future bass to offer us a result… Masterful!

Swedish House Mafia & The Weeknd – Moth To A Flame [Republic]

After a week full of news from the Swedish trio, the final climax comes with their long-awaited song with The Weeknd. As we could imagine, this is not a featuring but a collaboration, that is, the magnificent voice of the Canadian takes much of the role. This means that together with the progressive sound of SHM, the track is built in an epic way, from less to more. Discreet as well as exciting; a really good performance.

Spitfire & Tigaiko – Think About It [Minus Is More The Apprentice]

This week, something magical happened at the Minus Militia sub-label. The one already known on this label Sptifire has collaborated with the underrated artist Tigaiko (whom we have seen sometime in Massive Dynamic) to present this gem to us. We highlight both the correct speed of the notes in the main melody and the last drop of rawphoric. “Think About It” is the most representative proof that small producers must be supported.

KLOUD – PARASITE [Self-release]

The existence of KLOUD remains unknown in electronic music. This week we receive their second single from their next EP, with a powerful and electrifying warehouse techno. “PARASITE” receives that artificial essence that marks the style of this mysterious artist, although it is handled in the same way with other genres such as midtempo. The highlight of this single is the energy it transmits with an intense and constant rhythm, full of analog sounds throughout the track and leaving the vowel in a secondary plane.

Ecstatic – Everybody Knows It [Dirty Workz]

The energy that this artist induces in his pieces is brutal, and this is the main reason why he has appeared in our selection on more than one occasion. The second drop of “Everybody Knows It” is dreamy. Both the melody and the different leads that make it up have left us stunned. If one day we are lucky enough to witness this cut live, we are sure that we will end up crying with emotion. All yours!

DØBER, Savage Kids & Rushline – The Light [Protocol Recordings]

DØBER returns to Protocol Recordings with his song “The Light“. This time, with a collaboration with Russian artist Savage Kids and Rushline. The new release captures DØBER’s dark and electrifying style perfectly, with a punchy bass line. In addition to the mind-blowing synths and haunting vocal riff, complete “The Light” in a nice conjugation of all sounds. This is how it sounds!

Major Conspiracy & Abaddon – Cocaine Last [Offensive Rage]

Abaddon has temporarily left Triple Six Records to enter the most extreme out of control of the Cryogenic label. Here, together with the duo of the moment Major Conspiracy, he has given us a single of uptempo hardcore that is happy as well as hard. It has parts led by DnB, very aggressive voices in English and some kicks that play with the tonality to make us punch the air like crazy. How busy!

Unicorn On Ketamine – UFF

Seems that the artist end we know has resulted in this song all the rage that gave him to efface his account instagram. The structure of “UFF” is simple: three psychedelic parts to the fullest in which we feel that we are being abducted, and two drops of cerebral infarction. The setting is dark and performs an excellent function, but without a doubt what we highlight the most are the kicks. This artist’s madness goes too far! Distortion and high frequencies are the two best definitions for Unicorn kick drums. Long live the ketacore!

Bonobo & Jamila Woods – Tides [Ninja Tune]

“Tides” is producer Bonobo’s second preview of his next studio album. In this, the British artist collaborates with the dreamy voice of Jamila Woods, jazz and R&B singer, to deliver a sophisticated and enveloping single in which velvety voices are in sync with vibrant percussion.

Until next week HipHopMillers!

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