Kenny Beats – Moire

American record producer, and songwriter Kenneth Charles Blume III, known professionally as Kenny Beats has released a new track titled “Moire.”

“Moire” is a track by the record producer who also doubles as an audio engineer released from his first studio album titled “Louie.”

Kenny Beats has been studying music since the age of 9 when he started playing the guitar, playing drums since the age of 11, and producing music since his sophomore year of high school. His first guitar was a Fender Stratocaster and his first amplifier was a Fender Hot-Rod Deluxe.

In 2009, while attending Berklee College of Music, Kenny met Ryan Marks, a DJ. These two became friends, and in 2012, they decided to form the EDM duo Loudpvck. Marks ultimately left the group in 2017 while Kenny transitioned from being a EDM producer to a hip-hop producer.

Kenny’s production style varies. His digital audio workstation (DAW) of choice is Ableton Live. He plays piano, bass guitar, electric guitar & drums and often implements live instrumentation into his instrumentals, whether it performed by him or from a fellow instrumentalist.

A lot of his productions credits often fall into the Trap music sub-genre of hip-hop, commonly using 16th/8th note hi-hats with slight variation (such as rolls), hard-hitting kick drums, snares & booming 808 bass shots.

Kenny Beats’ also explores more versatile instrumentation, tempos, production styles etc. such as with the likes of the more laid back and instrumental approach of songs such as singer Dominic Fike’s “Phone Numbers” which contains a live guitar sample (performed by SNL lead guitarist Jared Scharff) and a more acoustic feel, backed by a Virtual Studio Technology (VST) version of a real electric bass within Ableton Live that plays the bass line, provided via the Kontakt (sampler) VST – or a more experimental sound.

It is found within his collaborative project with rapper Denzel Curry “Unlocked” which contains many spoken word samples scattered throughout the tracks and a more disjointed feel, provided by various creative implementations of obscure musical samples found throughout the project.

Kenny Beats’ songs often begin with the producer tag “Whoa, Kenny!”, which was originally said by the Atlanta rapper KEY!, who is a frequent collaborator of Kenny’s.

Kenny Beats has often talked about the importance of being in person with an artist he is recording and producing for, stating how valuable it can be to have immediate feedback on ideas and enhance the overall creativity and music that is produced.

Kenny calls his studio The Cave, and beginning in March 2019, launched a YouTube series of the same name, in which he invites artists to rap 16-32 bars over a custom beat he creates during the video. Usually, the artists are people that he already has experience with, or, is already friends with. They come in, tell him what kind of beat they want, and in 10 to 15 minutes, he’ll have something ready that caters to that particular style.

The Cave is known for showcasing not only these artists’ lyricism, but their personalities. As of April 1, 2020, Kenny has uploaded 23 episodes and amassed just over 31 million views. In addition to being his studio and the name of his YouTube series, The Cave is also the home to D.O.T.S. (Don’t Over Think Shit), a creative group and brand that assists artists with their artistic vision.

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