Mac Miller Ft. Bun B – All That

A new song, “All That” off late American rapper and record producer Malcolm James McCormick known professionally as Mac Miller’s old project “I Love Life, Thank You”, has been re-released.

“I Love Life, Thank You” is the sixth mixtape by Mac Miller. In 2011, the rapper started the “Road 2 a Million Fans” series, during which he released a new song for every 100,000 Twitter followers he accumulated.

On October 14, 2011, Mac Miller released “I Love Life, Thank You” upon reaching one million followers. Seven of the thirteen tracks on the mixtape had previously been released throughout the course of the series.

On April 17, 2011, upon reaching 300,000 followers on Twitter, Miller released the song “People Under the Stairs” and started the “Road 2 a Million Fans” campaign. “Love Lost” was released on May 19, upon reaching 400,000 followers.

Upon reaching 500,000 followers, “Family First”, which features Talib Kweli, was released on June 20.[5] On July 15, he reached 600,000 followers and released “Just a Kid”. Upon reaching 700,000 followers on August 7, Miller released “The Miller Family Reunion.

Mac Miller reached 800,000 followers on August 26 and released “Cold Feet”. On September 20, he reached 900,000 followers and released “Willie Dynamite”.

Early in his career, Mac Miller’s music was widely regarded as “frat rap”, with lyrics focusing on partying, smoking marijuana, and lusting after fame, money, and women. After the mixed critical response of Blue Slide Park, Miller began to employ a more expressive and experimental approach to his subsequent releases.

MAC Miller included Big L, Lauryn Hill, Beastie Boys, Outkast, and A Tribe Called Quest among his INFLUENCES. He had a close relationship with fellow Pittsburgh rapper Wiz Khalifa, saying “Wiz has been a big brother to me with this music thing so far. Our relationship is beyond music. He really is just my homie, whether I will be making music or not.” He has also named Eminem as an influence, stating: “I didn’t really understand the genius of Em until I was like 15, 16”.

Mac Miller also expressed admiration for John Lennon, he claimed that his background to his iPhone was of Lennon and that he had been a John Lennon fan for a “Long, long, long time”. Miller also had multiple tattoos of Lennon, including a tattoo of Lennon’s face and a tattoo of John Lennon’s song “Imagine”.

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