Mach-Hommy – 4 Piece(s)

Haitian-American rapper Mach-hommy has released a new track titled “4 Piece(s)”, from his twenty-fourth studio album titled “Dollar Menu 4.”

“Dollar Menu 4” is a 9-track studio album by Mach-Hommy released on August 26th, via all streaming platforms.

Pray For Haiti and Balens Cho (Hot Candles) were two of the most impressive rap albums to be released in the past year by Mach-Hommy. He also released the three-song EP Dump Gawd: Triz Nathan a few months ago. Dollar Menu 4, the most recent in a long-running series, was just made available by Mach.

All of the recordings on the Dollar Menu were created in collaboration with the legendary Atlanta rapper and producer Tha God Fahim, who has worked extensively with Mach-Hommy. (The third installment of Dollar Menu was released in 2017) Although I’m not entirely sure why Dollar Menu 4 is being released as a Mach-Hommy tape since Tha God Fahim is featured on each song, the credits indicate that this is the case.

In any event, Tha God Fahim can be found contributing to both the rapping and producing on Dollar Menu 4. The entire album consists of only Mach and Fahim arguing with each other and barring each other out, and the oblique references come at you at such a rapid pace that they will make your head spin.

On other records, Mach-Hommy can have a more enigmatic presence than he does on this one; nonetheless, he only raps here. Both he and Fahimi are very skilled in that regard. It is a brief album, clocking in at just 25 minutes, and it also features guest appearances from friends such as Your Old Droog, Big Cheeko, and JuJu Gotti, in addition to production from Sadhu Gold and Fortes.

Mach-Hommy became a cult figure through his tireless work ethic and the sheer quality of his work as well as his elusiveness. His dense, tightly wound lyrics, loaded with deadpan one-liners, are heavily related to the social and political history of his Haitian heritage.

Mach-Hommy often raps in Kreyol, and a Haitian flag folded into a bandana obscures his face nearly every time he is photographed. He is highly protective of his art, forbidding lyric sites to post transcriptions of the words to his songs, and he charges hundreds and even thousands of dollars for his releases, most of which aren’t available on streaming services.

Nevertheless, he earned a dedicated following as under-the-radar releases like 2016’s H.B.O. (Haitian Body Odor) and 2017’s The Gat… emerged as cult favorites, and collaborations with the likes of Earl Sweatshirt, DJ Muggs, and the Alchemist expanded his profile.

Hommy released nearly a dozen projects in 2017, including three Dollar Menu releases with Fahim, Dump Gawd: Hommy Edition, Dumpmeister, The G.A.T…, and EPs with Knxwledge and Earl Sweatshirt. 2018 brought Bulletproof Luh, on British label Bad Taste Records, as well as several additional releases with Fahim. Two collaborations with DJ Muggs, Tuez-les Tous and Kill Em All, appeared on the Cypress Hill member’s Soul Assassins Records in 2019.

Mach-Hommy’s EP Wap Kon Jòj! was released by Nature Sounds, with appearances from Quelle Chris, the Alchemist, and Navy Blue. Full-length Mach’s Hard Lemonade appeared in 2020, featuring many of the same contributors.

Mach-Hommy reconciled with Griselda and released Pray for Haiti, executive produced by Westside Gunn, in 2021. Focusing on Haiti’s cultural and political history more than Hommy’s past releases, the album was among the year’s most acclaimed and brought the rapper’s music to a wider audience. Later in the year, he collaborated with Kaytranada on the song “$payforhaiti,” then released another well-received album, Balens Cho (Hot Candles).

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