Mike Dimes Ft. JID – Home (Remix)

American rapper Mike Dimes has teamed up with rapper and singer JID for the remix of his single, “Home.”

Mike Dimes shot to fame in 2021 after his song “My Story” became viral on TikTok. After that, he launched his debut project DLOG, followed by his great new album In Dimes We Trust in March 2022. As of this writing, he’s one of hip-brightest hop’s new talents.

This raw and edgy album consists of twelve tracks, and it is led by the cockiness and confidence of a young generation. Dimes demonstrates throughout the record that he has a strong ear for production by choosing mesmerizing, multi-dimensional beats and matching them with his naturally addicting flows. Songs like “Religion,” “Where the Party At?” and “Home” convey the high-energy vibes that youthful fans of Dimes come to him for, and at their best, these songs do not disappoint. It should be played at parties.

“When I was in high school, I was like a frat party kid or college kid or high school kid that loves to party,” he says. “This album has a retro feel, with lyrics that aren’t all about violence. I wanted to bring back the old school vibe. All you have to do is turn up the music and relax.”

Due in large part to his unusual personal past, Mike Dimes claims to be carving out his own distinct path in the music industry. In his formative years, the 21-year-old artist was a military kid who was frequently transferred from one state to another, gaining exposure to the people and customs of many different regions of the country. His music career is currently gaining momentum, and at the same time, he’s enrolled in college to study business management.

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