“Ciego Por El Club” Unites CRO, Recycled J, Cruz Cafuné, Israel B And Selecta

We missed a macro-collaboration of this magnitude. One of the biggest groups so far this year, they join forces to create “Ciego Por el Club”, with Selecta at the controls of the production.

With a certain mystery, we learned about the different components of this great work through the CRO’s own Instagram. Finally, we were able to meet the members of this poker of aces, which features Selecta as the protagonist of the beat. In a meeting of these dimensions there was no room for risk, and having Selecta is a guarantee of success. ” If Pablito produces, you have to drop bars …” Cruz Cafuné already says.

Although it is true that the theme is still the same as always , we cannot excessively blame our artists for it. The urban scene is inevitably – and unfortunately – associated with parties, discos and women; And although it is a cliché that must be changed, the three national artists have been demonstrating for years that their music goes far beyond that.

Therefore, we must sporadically enjoy this thug and party cut, forgetting a bit the essence of the video clip and focusing on the wonderful beat that Selecta offers us. Selected sounds are, redundancy be valid, those used by the producer to create an instrumental that keeps us hooked on the subject at all times. The bass is simply masterful, and the mic passes happen more than naturally.

In Latin America this type of collaboration is more than common, and CRO seems to have stayed with that essence to unite the best of our country. Three heavyweights that collect a hit for and to be enjoyed in a good nightclub.

What is clear is that CRO has obtained many fruits from its tour of Spain, and that this hit will remain for later as one of the most unexpected collaborations of 2021. “Ciego Por el Club”, an improvable cut in many ways, but certainly not in the strictly musical sphere.

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