DaniLeigh’s Cheese Danish Saga Goes Viral, and Starbucks Takes Notice

After her story about buying a stale cheese danish from one of Starbucks’ locations went viral, DaniLeigh was finally able to draw the company’s attention and apologize for the experience.

The singer known for her hit single “Lil Bebe” came to Twitter on Friday (September 2) to express her dissatisfaction with a danish she had recently purchased at a local coffee shop, claiming that it had made her feel ill.

“So do I sue starbucks for giving me a mf rotten ass cheese danish ?? having me step out my car throwing up. wtfffffd I’m scarred,” DaniLeigh tweeted.

Following the tweet’s reception, the singer posed the question to her followers, inquiring whether or not they were interested in seeing a picture of the spoiled pastry. She wrote in the message, “Y’all want to see a pic of this shit????”

She then uploaded a photo of the cheese danish approximately 20 minutes later, which showed the pastry with a giant mold patch in the middle of it.

The photograph was captioned by DaniLeigh with the following: “I don’t know if I’ll ever get something for u guys again, but honestly I deserve free Starbucks for the rest of my life… I threw up taking this pic.”

One of the followers saw that the danish appeared to have been chewed into it multiple times and commented on it by stating, “So it took at least three bites to realize there was mold in it?”

Dani retorted as if she had been expecting it, saying, “Bitch, I was not looking at it.”

The number 27563 was displayed on the receipt that was included in the photo. The customer support department of Starbucks indicated that the outlet in question is most likely situated within a Florida airport that serves the Fort Lauderdale area.

Since then, the DaniLeigh’s post has been responded to by the Starbucks Care Twitter account, which thanked her “for reaching out and bringing this to our attention.”

The Starbucks employee continued by saying, “Please DM us with the provided link, I’d like to get additional information regarding your experience.”

Although it is unclear whether DaniLeigh was granted her wish to receive free coffee from Starbucks for the rest of her life, the singer did retweet comments sent to her by the coffee chain.

In related news, Def Jam recording artist DaniLeigh has delivered a blistering rebuttal to statements made by a choreographer with whom she had previously collaborated when shooting a music video for the late music superstar Prince.

She also shared the story of how she began managing Prince’s social media accounts at the age of 18 and how she worked with the late musician to create a collaborative project that was released just days before his death in 2016.

“I was super cool with [Prince],” she said. “I used to run his Instagram, his Princestagram. That was my first job. I used to post the pictures and make the captions.”

“I used to do Vine a lot,” Dani said, speaking on the now defunct social media app. “He used to like my Vines; I guess they were pretty funny. I was 18. I knew he was the legendary Prince, but it hit me when he passed. I had a song with Prince; I directed a video with Prince. And we communicated through Twitter DMs.”

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