J Balvin And Residente: A Confrontation Around The Latin Grammy

Two of the most established artists of the Latin urban scene have been making a lot of noise for a couple of days through social networks. Do you want to know the reason? We tell you all the details below.

It is well known by all that J Balvin was nominated last year in no more and no less than thirteen categories at the 2020 Latin Grammys. Coincidentally, this record was somewhat bittersweet, since he only obtained one award.

Well, a few days ago, J Balvin surprised everyone with a tweet -which hours later he ended up deleting- in which he asked the following:

“The Grammys do not value us, but they need us. It’s my opinion and nothing against the other genres because they deserve all the respect . But the gimmick is already boring. We give them Rating but they don’t give us the respect .

“✊(Pd. I’m nominated so they don’t come that I’m hurt ) JOSE.”

As you can see, Jose, despite being also nominated this year -in a much lower number of categories-, asked the rest of his colleagues not to attend the gala , trying to ignore the recognition offered by this platform in its 22nd edition Something that, it seems, did not sit well with one of his colleagues.

Above all, there was one protagonist who stood out above the rest with an absolutely outstanding communication through his Reels . A certain Resident , who seems to be starting on the scene now …

Jokes aside, it is not about unchecking ourselves to one side or the other, since our role is none other than to report what happened . But the reality is that, to the speech of Resident, you cannot put any but. An artist with an impeccable career, who either with Calle 13, or with his individual career, we have only had good feelings.

What is promised is a debt, here you have the wonderful Resident reel . Almost three minutes of wisdom.

How could you have heard, at the end of the video, Residente compares the music of J Balvin with a hot dog cart . For Residente, everyone likes a good hot dog, like Jose’s music, but when he wants to enjoy a good plate of food – see a good musical play – he goes to a Michelin Star restaurant. Something that for Resident, J Balvin does not have.

Among some of the arguments that Residente makes in the face of J Balvin, is the fact that he does not even write his lyrics. And as the Puerto Rican indicates to finish: ” If you don’t have a pencil, Jose, you have to lower it by 20.”

Own J Balvin responded to the video Resident Instagram, leaving in comments: ” I respect your opinion” . Many others, like Don Omar , have joined Residente’s statement: “ So the one who gets him the least of all is the leader of the revolution? There is no worse darkness than ignorance ”.

But obviously, this has not remained so. The artists, quite intelligently, have moved tab with their respective brands. At the end of the day this is visibility, and as you know, visibility turns into benefits most of the time.

Residente owns a well-known brand of beer, Cervezas Residente. Well, yesterday, for all those who were to buy a hot dog at La Draga Hotdog, a humble stand of hot dogs in Puerto Rico, they would have a can of artist’s beer as a gift . Direct and efficient.

For his part, it seems that J Balvin has taken his slogan of “the silly business man” to a higher step. On his merchandising page , Jose has launched a whole clothing line around hotdogs and the controversy in question. T-shirt, sweatshirt, hat, bag… And even a poster. ” For my people, hotdogs always fresh”, is the slogan that can be read in the merch . The page was down due to the high traffic it suffered with the launch, so being J Balvin and knowing the magnitude of what happened … We can guarantee that the play will not have turned out very badly.

And like everything, Residente ended up closing this stage . A 5-minute video in which he finishes responding to Jose, after launching the merch line that we are talking about commenting on. There are many allegations that René makes against Jose, such as that he himself called him crying asking him to delete the video, or that while on Instagram he publicly said “I respect your opinion” by private WhatsApp he insulted him. Judge for yourself.

This is all we can tell you for now. As news comes out, we will update this entry and share it as always on social networks. So if you want to be aware of the latest between Residente and J Balvin.

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