Jermaine Beckford Claims He’d Be “Frustrated” If Leeds Offered Him £30m

With rumors that Leeds and Everton are interested in signing Chelsea striker Armando Broja for £30 million, Jermaine Beckford told The Weekend Wrap that he would be “very frustrated” if he were Broja.

After spending the previous season on loan at Southampton, where he enjoyed a great deal of success, 20-year-old Broja has now returned to Chelsea. The Albanian international, who was born in England, scored nine goals for the Saints in 38 outings last season, including both league and cup competition.

Ben Jacobs, a reporter for CBS, was quoted earlier this week as saying that both Leeds and Everton are interested in signing Broja. It is yet unknown whether Chelsea will agree to let Broja leave the club. It’s possible that they’ll bring in a new striker before allowing the current one to move on from the club.

Due to an injury, Broja did not participate in the match on Sunday against Leeds. On the other hand, he has played against Everton and Tottenham in a replacement capacity. Former striker for Everton and Leeds, Beckford has stated that he would feel “frustrated” in Broja’s position.

“If I were Broja, I’d be beside myself with frustration. Because he plays in the middle of the field, I’d be so frustrated. During the previous season, he spent time with Southampton on loan and did quite well there. What’s the worst that might happen if you put him in the middle of the action for the second half of the game?”

Broja is not the type of player who is content to take part in only a few spot minutes here and there while sitting on the bench. The striker has already gained experience playing in the Premier League, and now that he knows what it’s like, he’ll want to play a leading role in another team so that he can continue to advance his career.

The fact that Chelsea is working to acquire a center forward while Broja is being overlooked for a starting role is sure to be irritating. Given how well he has been playing for Southampton, he should get some playing time, at the at least. However, that opportunity might have to present itself at a different club.

In other news, according to Fabrizio Romano, Newcastle has now submitted a proposal of £25 million for the Brazilian star.

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