Madrid Based Club, Valle Eléctrico To Hosts VLEX Label At Hyperpop Party

The national pioneer party will return for the first time after the pandemic to the El Sol room in Madrid

Next October 15 , Friday, will be the day on which the Valle Eléctrico party returns after the entire waiting period suffered by the pandemic. Although earlier this year they announced that they would be the ones who will host the avant-garde American pop singer Slayyyter on the tour that she will present her debut album in Madrid and Barcelona, ​​the recently announced party that we have come to talk about will be held much earlier in the Sala The Sun of the capital, Vlex World .

Valle Eléctrico, which has always opted for a musical trend ready to conquer the future by previously bringing artists such as Shygirl, GFOTY, Kllo and Kero Kero Bonito will host this month Vlex , a Valencian label led by TURIAN BOY and which specializes in artists who exploit PC Music sound and hyperpop . The four artists that are part of the label (ANGEL 3000, Conelli, gewrl and KLAUS) are part of the lineup, as well as two other guest artists such as 6orka and cate aggression. In addition, in this we can find your collaboration with the clothing brand REFLASH .

María Arseguet is the person behind the ANGEL3000 project , whose first single “AMRR” is a has the same power and danger as a tornado of knives, with an overwhelming personality by the artist and a nuclear production by TURIAN BOY with a clear influence of SOPHIE or Arca. Conelli , meanwhile, presents a much more innocent style approaching artists such as Kero Kero Bonito or Hannah Diamond. His latest theme released this year is the hyper-active “Make it Slow”. gewrl , who premiered in 2020, is characterized by expanding R&B to a digital terrain with melodies much more dreamlike and less loaded with synthesizers.

Artist of Spanish-German descent KLAUS has produced his first two singles, the runaway addictive “Nintendo DS” and “Ferrari,” which include oriental and urban influences in a storm of heavy, metallic rhythms. The Basque 6orka began in 2020 an interesting musical path with luminous and polished sounds that he has materialized in the 4 tracks that he has published until today.

Finally, from Madrid cute aggression will be in charge of offering a rise of revolutions with an energetic and danceable set loaded with the sounds of its many resources such as hardcore or hysterical pop.

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