Malice Leaves Us Stunned With “Chasing My Dream”

One of our favorite rawstyle producers has done his thing by releasing this hit on the Agressive Records label. Are you ready?

Davide Guernieri, DJ and producer of raw hardstyle of Italian nationality, is an artist who never disappoints us. We can include him in that group of musicians who, despite throwing many songs throughout the year, maintaining its essence and quality in each of them.

He started 2021 very strong with “Another Day”, a single very well received by the audience that corresponds to what “Stronger” was in 2020. In addition, at that time he also released “BLACK ANIMA” along with Krowdexx and Luca Lee Josh in the Gearbox Digital Twin Turbo album. What a couple of hits, right?

At the beginning of summer, “Don’t You Dare” with San284 was released by Agressive.

As if that weren’t enough, Malice ventured together with Deadly Guns to present “The Upside Down,” a track in which Malice stepped out of her comfort zone into Deadly’s hardcore madness .

Well, the fifth issue of Malice in 2021 has arrived and, of course, we are going to comment on it in detail. Ready to enjoy “Chasing My Dream”?

This song begins with an aggressive trap base characterized by playing some 808s that would make any wall vibrate and some very successful closed hi-hats . In addition, the combination between the male and female voices is quite original, so this part of the trap is reinforced even more.

Nevertheless; the melody of hardstyle takes very little time to take action, how could it be otherwise. This leads us to the first drop, in which the kicks of XTRA RAW are extremely hard. This is one of Davide’s strengths.

We could say that each genre feeds on a specific element that must stand out for the songs to be good. Melodic hardstyle feeds on leads and melodies, hard trap feeds on screeches, dubstep on bass and growls, and XTRA RAW onhype. That’s the reason why Agressive Records artists are so prestigious; They are capable of creating kicks in a thousand different ways and people like that. So that you better understand what we are talking about, we attach an analysis that we did to the last Sickmode album.

The structure is repeated in a very similar way during the second part of the song, although including a longer pre-drop phrase. The drums are incredible again, but you could already imagine that.

There is one thing that has caught our attention, and the melody that sounds along “Chasing My Dream” does not get to break itself into a pure drop rawphoric, which is quite original. In any case, we must admit that we have missed it a bit.

And you, what do you think about Malice? Do you agree with us that his style is marking a before and after in the genre? Us know by networks social! We will be reading you.

For our part, nothing but HipHopMillers, we hope you have enjoyed this post. Until next time, family!

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