Tim Van Werd Drops “Icarus”, His Second EP In 2021

The Dutch artist returns to the ranks of Protocol Recordings with a compilation of three new originals. This is “Icarus” EP.

Tim van Werd continues to make history at Protocol Recordings . Nicky Romero’s label is once again betting on the Dutch artist to increase its releases. This time it is “Icarus” , an EP made up of three original songs , which is the second of his career as a music producer. After the release of “Who You Are” , his first EP, van Werd has not stopped creating music of great quality and temperance.

First of all, “Icarus” EP , as defined by the artist, is inspired by the mythological story of Icarus and Daedalus . A connection that unites the mystical with the magic of music. One of the great sources of creativity for musical artists.

With “Icarus” as the title track, the new EP perfectly showcases van Werd’s signature deep, dreamy and progressive style. As a starting point, we find cinematic melodies and the soulful voice of the title track. An emotional jewel that captures all the essence of the Dutch producer. Again, David Westermeijer is in charge of working with Tim van Werdand magnify his themes with his voice.

In second place we find another interesting proposal in this “Icarus” EP. It’s about “Come Back To Me.” A theme that continues the mythological path with peaceful voices that will absorb you to this song. Also, in addition to the mythological narrative, the sound progression is noted thanks to the ethereal melodies and the simple lyrics. A very percussive and balanced original that you will undoubtedly like.

Finally, we meet before “Across The Sky”. This closing theme of “Icarus” EP constitutes an instrumental closing for the project. “I hope that the melodies and sounds bring you the same joy that they brought me when composing this song,” declared van Werd following the publication of the song. A highly sensitive and melodic piece that completes this magnificent album.

The “Icarus” EP precedes van Werd’s recent releases “On Your Side” with Crime Zcene, featuring Dan Soleil, “Ocean Deep” with Thomas Newson, as well as the “Who Are You” EP, which was noted for its impressive performance. by Tim from Dutch Windmill . Without a doubt, an emerging artist who does not stop growing.

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