10 Best Anime Based Video Games to Watch in 2022

10 Best Anime-Based Video Games: Anime and games have been working together since the mid-’80s and here are 10 amazing anime series that are life-friendly and easy to start with.

Anime revisions of the video game series last longer than home video games. There have been hundreds since the late eighties, most of whom have gained fans. Below are names of such games with my anime list ratings;

Let’s have a look at the 10 Best Anime Based Video Games

Steins; Gate – 9.11

Steins; Gate

The Stains; The Gate series has undoubtedly been more successful with anime than ever before, but given the style of play it is not surprising that it can make changes so easily. Anime has evolved over the years and has been very successful throughout, but the original series is nothing more than Stains.

As with the games, this series is made up of two 12-episode seasons which first aired in Japan throughout 2011. It follows the antics of self-proclaimed mad scientist Rintarou Okabe and, as with the games, is visually impressive, as well as having a decent voice cast.

Fate/ Stay Night – 8.21

Fate/ Stay Night

The Fate series has evolved into many different genres over the years, but much of its success has come through its anime series, specialties, and movies. Some of the movies on MyAnimeList have averaged nine, but the most successful episodes are Fate / Night Sleep: Unlimited BladeWorks.

Final Fantasy- 7.99

Final Fantasy
PC Gamer

Many consider the Final Fantasy series to be one of the best franchises in the game. With 15 major series of games and dozens of spin-offs, it is not surprising that many attempts have been made to turn the series into an anime genre. They do not always hit the mark, but there are very good versions.

Pokemon – 7.65

The Verge

When Pokemon was first released in 1996 it took Japan by storm and its impact did not take long to spread around the world. The team at Game Freak did not waste time getting acquainted with the anime. In fact, the first series aired in Japan long before it touched the North American coast.

Tales – 7.48

Rock Paper Shotgun

The Tales series is an almost drama-like anime sequel created by the group Tales of Symphonia the Animation: Seikai Tougou-Hen. Ufotable Animation Studios, which starred as the third and final OVA in the series, saved the best of the last ones.

Danganronpa – 7.53


Danganronpa did not really start in the West as it did in Japan, which is really embarrassing. The series combines several genres to create a completely different feel. Perhaps this is the kind of mish-mash that leads to the decision to become addicted to television. Danganronpa 3: Kibougamine Gakuen End – Zetsubou-Hen Danganronpa anime is undoubtedly the best you can offer.

Persona – 7.54


The Persona series really took a long time to get traction in the West, but almost a quarter of a century later, the series finally got the recognition it deserved. Also, great games for new fans to come back and enjoy, there is much familiar anime to watch.

Inazuma Eleven -7.58

Sports anime is very popular in Japan and Inazuma Eleven is one of the best examples. Based on the video game series of the same name, the story in the series about football goes on surprisingly well. Mamoru, Shuya, and Yuto all have good actors and their interactions with other supporting actors provide the best moments of the series.

Valkyria Chronicles- 7.64

Valkyria Chronicles

Senzou and Valkyrie are designed with two themes and do a good job of capturing the essence of old Sega games. It’s a bit hot, but, after the first few episodes are over, it’s a thrilling story with a story that does its best to adhere to the original set of the story.

The art style is awesome to look at in the game‌ and each character has its own unique personality. As the series progresses, many of the series’ jokes will be lost, but, since it’s a war story, it’s probably predictable.

Dragon Quest – 7.65

Dragon Quest

Dragon Quest is one of the longest-running video game series of all time, with the first game released in 1986. Since then, the series with manga, anime, and some movies have been translated into every kind of format you can think of. . For starters. Best Anime 1991 came in the form of Dragon Quest: Die and Dieboken.

Produced by Toy Animation, an anime-based studio for Dragon Ball anime, the series is considered by many to be the best studio work. The artistic style and movement will make Dragon Ball fans feel familiar, while the story and surprising character development will keep you engrossed in the viewers to the end.

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