15 Best Australian Netflix TV Shows You Need To Binge in 2022

Are you stuck in lockdown wondering what to do with your time?

Maybe you were super productive in the beginning, but I know a lot of us at this stage are feeling super low energy.

Since we can’t travel or go outside, it’s appealing to be able to escape to another world for a little while.

Binging a T.V. show when there is nothing else to do can be really entertaining, but I know first hand that sometimes you spend more time scrolling through Netflix than actually watching anything so here is my list of the top tv series on Netflix right now!

15 T.V. Shows You Need To Watch in 2022

1. Outerbanks

The vibes of this show are totally infectious. After watching this I wanted to go and move to a tropical area and live right on the beach.

I’ll be honest with you, 3 eps in I really thought I was going to turn it off, but by Episode 5 things were getting really hectic and it only got better from there.

This show is trending in the top 10 right now and deserves it! It’s action packed and full of mystery.

2. Good Girls

I absolutely LOVE this show. It’s about 3 mothers who are struggling financially so they rob a bank. Shortly after, they find themselves being forced down a path of money laundering!

The characters are so entertaining and it has a storyline you won’t get bored of! It’s the perfect mix of fear and badass moments!

3. Dirty John

This thrilling true-crime series is mind blowing. This story will have you HOOKED and you’ll be researching for days after it’s finished!

To keep it short, it’s about a woman who finds a man and falls in love, except he’s not who he says he is!

4. Friends

A classic comforting show we all love. I recently binged this and had a good cry on the last episode. If you’re just after a light-hearted, feel good show or even something you can watch in the background, this is the one.

Once you’re finished, you can even watch the Friends Reunion that just come out! (Not available on Netflix, I know you can get it on Stan)

5. Sex Life

I must admit, this one is on my to watch next list, but people are going crazy over it! It went totally viral on tiktok a month or so ago.

I think this is really worth checking out – let me know if you like it in the comments!

6. Stranger Things

If you missed the boat when this was first released now is your time to sit back and enjoy!

This show is full of endless mystery and action including alternate universes, vanishing kids and secret government experiments.

7. Mind Hunter

This one’s for all those that are incredibly fascinated by serial killers and their stories. This series relives the research and creation of the term “serial killer” by some FBI agents in the 1970’s.

They visit and study these killers in prison so that they can learn how they think and behave.

8. Suits

Following Mike’s journey of being a kick ass “fake” lawyer by Harvey Specter’s side is awesome to watch but also keeps you on the edge of your seat because you never know if or when he is going to be caught.

You really get invested with the characters and admire their strong bond to always get each other out of trouble.

9. Selling Sunset

If you love a good reality T.V. show this is the one for you. The film crew follows around a bunch of high class real estate agents selling million dollar homes in L.A.

It’s pretty much a full office of competitive women so you can bet yourself there is some real juicy drama that will keep you on your toes!

10. Firefly Lane

This story is about two woman who have been friends since they were young girls and had a dream to pursue journalism. Tully & Kate’s relationship is beautiful yet very complex and that’s what makes it so entertaining.

You’ll love the flash backs between their younger selves and their struggles throughout adulthood in the now.

11. Emily In Paris

This is the perfect show if you’re dreaming of travel and want to immerse yourself in the world of the beautiful Paris. Emily’s ambition to bring the world of social media to a marketing firm in Paris is admirable and will have you wanting to become a #influencer.

Of course, you can’t have a show based in Paris without a bit of romance!!

12. Bridgerton

Bridgerton takes you back to the old social norms of the 1800’s which are truly shocking!. It’s all about the children of the Bridgerton family, going off to find love for “the season”.

This was an annual event where the wealthy would host a number of events to marry off their children.

There’s a lot of hot & steamy romance in this one too!

13. The Queen’s Gambit

Watch an orphan, Beth Harman pursue the life of a champion chess player in the 1950/60’s. She has a troubled childhood, severe addiction with drugs & alcohol & also battles the stigma around being a woman playing chess.

After watching, you’ll want to pull out the chess board!!

14. Ginny & Georgia

Georgia has always been on the run and is ready for a new fresh start after her most recent husband dies unexpectedly.

Her past is full of mystery, and she struggles to have an open relationship with her daughter Ginny. There are always new secrets being exposed and Ginny’s eyes are opened as she starts to learn more about her mother.

15. The End of the F*cking World

This show is full on, you’ll never see what’s coming around the corner.

Follow the adventures of two 17 year olds, James & Alyssa, as they run away from home and just find themselves in the most dramatic events.

James believes he is a psychopath and Alyssa suffers existential angst.

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