A Discovery of Witches Season 3 Release Date, Recap and Cast Updates

A Discovery of Witches Season 3 is about to release next month, Fans are much excited and crazy as the third season of A Discovery of Witches is dropped on the internet. The good news is that season 3 of this British fantasy is finally happening but the bad news is it is a final movie. There are three books in the season and each book has been adapted into one season. It all started with a Discovery of witches which introduced us to Diana Bishop and Matthew Claremont in the modern-day.

The second season took us to the past and now, it is time to head back to the present day. The third book is titled “The book of life” and it follows the life of Diana and Matthew as they continue the search to Ashmore 782 and its missing pages, the discovery of which is seen in season 3. The release date of ‘A Discovery of Witches Season 3 is 8th January 2022 on SKY.COM

CAST returning in A Discovery of Witches Season 3

Some new and familiar faces are guaranteed to return to the franchise and these are Teresa Palmer and Matthew Goode who would return as Diana and Matthew. Owen Teal will return as Knox, Ed Blommel and Adele Ayotte’s will return as Marcus and Phoebe. There have been a few new cast members announced for the season including Olivier Hubba and Fernando Gonsalves, a stepfather of sorts to Gallowglass and sort of brother-in-law to Matthew.

Toby Ragbo from reign in the last kingdom is joining the series as Jack, the adopted son of Diana and Matthew. The book witnesses Diana and Matthew running back in the present day where they run into a few people from the past. Thanks to their immortality, they are continuing their search for Ashmore 782 and its missing pages.

They also realize the fact that the real threat to their future still hasn’t been revealed to them. They will use ancient knowledge and modern science together to learn about everything the witches discovered hundreds of years earlier. Of course, there would be a lot of focus on love, passion, and family. It’s an epic ending to a beautiful trilogy that the fans have been waiting for.

Recap – Story so far in season 2

 The second season of A Discovery of Witches begins with Diana who finally harnesses her powers while tying the threads together. But this intimate threadwork comes to an abrupt when the vision shimmers out. There is another weaver in London. Their arrival is no accident but for now, Goody tells Diana to wait and let them come to her instead. Thereafter, Diana and Matthew walk through the street but pauses when they smell Coffee.

They hurry off to investigate and track down a time walker. Diana immediately recognizes him as his Stephen Proctor, her father. Apparently, he is been sent back to observe this time period and to fund Ashmore 782 that of course happens to be a book of life. Diana and Matthew show him the pages. Stephen is also not able to read it and eventually learns that Peter Knox is also after the book given on recalling about his obsession with the dark arts. Stephen warns that if he gets hold of the book, it could spell a big problem for them all.

a discovery of witches Diana and Matthew

Stephen convinces both of them to keep the book in the past and head back to the present where they would actually find their answers to their questions. In the present, Agatha arrives at Bishop House along with Nathaniel and Sophie. Marcus shows up with Phoebe and the four meet each other. All happen to be together under the same roof. At the time of Dinner, Marcus requests them all to put aside their prejudices and move past these old issues in order to evolve.  Phoebe catches the attention of Ysabeau after dinner and the two of them have a heartfelt conversation.  It was a brief conversation between them but it was surely enough to impress Marcus’s grandmother who later tells him that he has made an excellent choice in selecting her.

In Venice, Gerbert and Knox are seen discussing the pages and decide to use a powerful witch to retrieve it for them. As Gerbert looks at Knox, he tells him to fetch one. Back in 1591, Matthew tells Gallowglass that he would be heading back to his present time very soon. While they talk, Diana and Stephen discuss her time walking and the level her magic has grown up so far.

a discovery of witches season 3 Gerbert and Knox

Stephen helps Diana channelizing her power, mentioning how some witches would kill for that sort of power. Knowing that this strikes a chord with her past, Goody vacates the room as Stephen and her have a heart-to-heart conversation.

Knowing that he won’t survive this fight, Stephen congratulates his daughter on being pregnant and eventually takes his leave while ending this emotional reunion. That wasn’t the only ending though as Diana and Matthew bid goodbye to Jack as well. Diana wants to make sure that the boy has a bright future and takes Robert to look after the child in her absence. She also offers her blood to him in order to seal the deal. He accepts her terms and takes a single drop of her blood which subsequently allows him to read her entire history. He promises to look after the child and bid farewell, being sure to call her full name as she goes.

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With all their affairs tied up, for now, Diana says goodbye to Goody too and hands over the Chess piece to Susanna- the same piece that heads through time as it’s supposed to. Eventually, they all say their goodbyes as Diana hands over the book for Jack. In the present, Satu finally returns after a season-long hiatus by Peter Knox’s side. She suggests that he should enlist the help of her people but Knox refuses arrogantly while deciding that he doesn’t need it and wants to use a stronghold to flush them out instead.

a discovery of witches season 3 plot

Satu then warns him that his confidence will be harmful to him. Then we see Peter Knox heading down to the lake and beginning reciting the magic. As he does the same, Em happens to be outside conjuring up the ghostly spirit of Rebecca again. She asks Rebecca for help while the book promises that once the book is complete it will reveal its true purpose. Unfortunately, Knox shows himself before Rebecca could have continued.

Em hides the page of the book. Rebecca disappears and Knox began his interrogation. Back inside the house, Ysabeau feels that a powerful spirit is nearby as both Marcus and Sarah hurry out to try and save Em. As Knox leaves Em is lying unconscious like a heap on the floor. He then walks straight into the path of Marcus who stops him in his tracks. The two immediately came upfront but the fight was short-lived. Meanwhile, Domenico has uncovered the blood-rage vampire but it launches at him and begins mauling at his chest. As Diana and Matthew try jumping back to the present, Sarah cradles Em and begs her to wake up again. Ysabeau holds the Knight’s Emblem while Gerbert looks out of the horizon, ending season 2.

What can happen in A Discovery of Witches Season 3?

The finale of season 2 ended up with a number of unanswered questions. However, the fans are expecting that these questions might be answered in season 3 as it is based on the final book of the trilogy. Star Teresa Palmer said that although there is the fourth book, there aren’t chances that it would be developed into a fourth season.

This means that the story of Diana and Matthew will be resolved in the ‘A Discovery of Witches Season 3’ and a bunch of other surprises. Fans also believe that there will be a new member of the family as Diana discovers towards the end of the second season that she was pregnant. As per the book, the couple will also embark on a journey of revenge. This journey would ensure that they bring justice to all witches and vampires who have done them evil in the past. Fans have been holding their breaths and waiting to once again have a look into the magical world of witches and vampires!!

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