Behind Her Eyes Season 2 Will Answers All the Questions fans Have

Behind Her Eyes, Season 2 Updates: Behind Her Eyes is one of the strangest unexpected endings we’ve seen in a long time. The six-episode season of the show presents a good story and successfully entangles viewers in a web of deceit (while remaining true to author Sarah Pin borough’s original material). But then there’s the ending, which comes out of nowhere and hits you in the gut like a sci-fi sucker punch.

If there was a second season, I’d watch only to see where the showrunners might take the story now that we know (spoiler!) Adele was really Rob and Rob’s soul has now stolen Louise’s body and married David again.

There are many unsolved questions and character details that were left out of Season One’s narrative, and it could be satisfying to see some of those answers revealed in a future season. Here’s everything we know about Season Two of Behind Her Eyes, no matter which new direction the program takes.

Is Behind Her Eyes getting a 2nd season?

Behind Her Eyes was released on Netflix as a limited series, which means it was meant to be a stand-alone season. Given the show’s popularity—it is currently ranked No. 2 on Netflix’s Top 10 U.S. streaming chart as of Feb. 23—a new season of the drama could be ordered.

Even for shows that generate as much hype as Behind Her Eyes, the streaming giant’s powers that be normally wait a month or so before renewing the series, as shown with recent Netflix blockbuster smashes like Bridgeton and Fate: The Winx Saga. Keep an eye on this space for all the latest Behind Her Eyes season renewal news.

Sarah Pin borough, the author of the 2017 novel on which the Netflix series is based, has not written a sequel. “Not as far as I know,” Pin borough said when asked if there would be another season of Behind Her Eyes. “I’d be curious to see where they’d go with it because it’s such a tight finish,” she added. However, you never know if it will succeed.”

Pin borough would not be part of the writing process if showrunner Steve Lightfoot and the Netflix crew opted to make a second season. It would be wholly new material, with limitless possibilities that would likely astonish even those who had read the original novel.

What Would be the Theme of Behind Her Eyes Season 2?

Behind Her Eyes Season 2
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If Netflix decides to develop a new season, David, Adele, Rob, and Louise’s tales might be continued. We might go back in time and fill in the blanks in their histories—for example, who was David when he was younger? Is it just a coincidence that he happened to be nearby when Adele’s estate caught fire, or is there more to it?

Will David figure out that Louise is in fact, Rob? Will David try to give Louise/Rob antipsychotic medication? Do antipsychotics affect the soul as well as the body?

Will Louise’s ex-husband recognize that she isn’t the woman she used to be (literally) and save their lovely kid Adam from this imposter? It would be heart-breaking to see Louise/Rob harm Adam, especially since their passionate relationship was the emotional heart of Season One, but it is definitely a direction the program could go in.

The program could also feature a new cast of individuals that overlap with the original in numerous ways (most notably the capacity to astral project and control one’s dreams through lucid dreaming), a la American Horror Story.

This could be the greatest approach to keep viewers interested without relying too heavily on the Season One plot. But, after that finale, it’ll take a lot to keep fans astonished.

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