Brand New Cherry Flavor Season 2 Happening? With A lot of Twist and Turns

Brand New Cherry Flavor Season 2 Updates: Netflix’s Brand-New Cherry Flavor, an eight-part series set in the competitive world of early 1990s Hollywood, was a genuine treat for horror enthusiasts. Lisa Nova (Rosa Salazar of Alita: Battle Angel) is a young filmmaker who wants to turn her innovative short film into a major motion picture.

She meets sleazy but gifted producer Lou Burke (Eric Lange), a rising star actor (Jeff Ward), and an eccentric woman who…is practically a witch along the way (the great Catherine Keener).

The tale is the ideal type of horror: simple enough to follow, but with enough filthy, David Cronenberg-esque body horror and what the fuck? style David Lynch existentialism to make you rethink almost every minute of what you just saw.

Salazar’s protagonist has a raw edge to her that makes us want to root for her just a little bit more, while Lange summons his inner Jeff Goldblum to play the slimy-but-charismatic type of Hollywood producer we’ve all heard about.

As the series progresses, it becomes progressively filthy and violent, yet when it comes to a close, you might be left with one simple question: what’s next? Brand New Cherry Flavor is based on a novel, and while Season 1 barely touches on the plot of the novel (less than 100 pages in, to be exact), it modifies the story enough that it no longer follows any form of source material beyond the essentials. Could it follow in the footsteps of The Leftovers and go well beyond the present story? We’ll have to wait and see.

Brand New Cherry Flavor Season 2 Latest Information

Brand New Cherry Flavor Season 2
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While there are certain loose ends that may be picked up in a future Season 2—Boro taking on a new body, Lisa going to Brazil, Lou still being alive but blind—the show’s marketing campaign has consistently referred to Brand New Cherry Flavor as a “limited series.” The show’s official poster (as well as on Netflix’s platforms) reads “A Netflix Limited Series,” which very much confirms that the tale that was supposed to be told was told.

That isn’t to say it won’t return in the future. The Queen’s Gambit was billed as a limited series on Netflix, although many of the cast members have hinted at a possible return. But, with the exception of When They See Us, Unbelievable, and Godless, Netflix has usually stayed to its ‘Limited Series’ promise with shows.

However, HBO, Netflix’s rival, has a bit more history, since previously-planned limited series such as Big Little Lies, True Detective, and, most recently, The White Lotus, have all secured Season 2 pickups. In a nutshell, we’ve probably reached the conclusion of this story—but you never know.

However, there may be more where Brand New Cherry Flavor came from.

Brand New Cherry Flavor Season 2

While it appears like Brand New Cherry Flavor will be a one-and-done Netflix series, creator Nick Antosca has long been known for telling short and limited horror stories. Prior to joining Netflix with Cherry Flavor, he was the executive producer of SyFy’s Channel Zero, a dark and frequently frightening horror series that was released for four seasons and told four unique stories.

He was also the showrunner for Hulu’s Emmy-winning The Act, which portrayed the narrative of Munchausen by Proxy in a single season. Midnight Picnic won him the Shirley Jackson Award for Best Novella in 2009. In summary? The man knows how to write a terrifying story and finish it on his own time.

Doesn’t it sound eerily similar to another prominent Netflix horror title? Mike Flanagan has grown into one of the most well-known names in horror over the last decade, and while he’s had box office hits like Doctor Sleep and Ouija: Origin of Evil, it’s his Netflix series that has exploded.

The Haunting of Hill House was a box office hit when it initially came out in 2018, and its sequel, The Haunting of Bly Manor, followed suit in 2020. Midnight Mass, Flanagan’s next film, will be released on Netflix next month (with another series, The Midnight Club, currently in production).

That is to say if Netflix picks up Brand New Cherry Flavor—and it should, given its strong early critical reception—it could be a great opportunity for the streaming giant to give Antosca the Flanagan treatment and just let him tell whatever terrifying, creepy, single-season-contained stories he wants. We’ll be watching whether it’s anything like Brand New Cherry Flavor.

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