Call Me Kat Season 2 Poster, Trailer, Release Date, And Latest Details

Here is everything you want to know about “ Call me Kat Season 2”. Written by Darlene Hunt, it is an American-driven television series. The show will have ‘Mayim Bilaik’ as the lead of the show. And the supporting cast will be Leslie Jordan, Jullian Gant, Cheyenne Jackson, Swoosie Kurtz.

Anna Waronker has worked on music for the series.

Season one has 13 Episodes.

The theme of the show says,

The story is about a 39 years old woman, with a hand tight on money and taking care of her parents gets difficult every passing day and she spends money for her wedding that her parents had saved all long, to open the cafe with the cat theme, being a single woman who struggles with world’s everyday chaos to stay up float in her life.

She tries to prove to her mother that she can take care of her as she has spent all of her savings too for her dreamy cat-themed cafe and She had to quit her university job as well. All in all, she topples and then stays fine and then topples, that’s how her life goes on.

What Call Me Kat Season 2 has for viewers.

Call Me Kat Season 2
TV Insider

The fans were crazy for season two details and release rants, so now that release isn’t that distant the excitement seems quite evident. The show’s first season was released on January 3, 2021, and according to the press release, the second season is all set to be telecasted exactly a year after the first season’s release which is the 9th of January 2022.

Where can one watch it?

The show can be watched on Hulu Plus, it is available to be rented or bought on google play, Vudu, Itunes, and amazon instant videos as well.

Cast Details

According to the press releases and sources, these are the main characters and the actors who will play them;

Miyami Bialik will Play Kat

Role of Sheila will be played by Swoosie Kurtz

the Role of Phil played by Leslie Jordan

Kyla Pratt will Play the Role of Randi

Julian Gant Playing Carter

Cheynne Jackson Will be appearing as Max.

Call Me Kat Season 2! Poster…

Call Me Kat Season 2

Call me Kat 2, has released a poster with Kat doing herself with a cat right by her side. And the poster directs viewers towards the cat theme cafe/ bar at the back, so yes curiosity peaks!

In Season 2, kat continues her deal with life’s ups and downs and keeps herself up float through it. This time she is going to be a tad more self-assured and a little more whimsical. She will be doing her work quota at the cafe alongside her friends Randi and Phil.

Carter runs a local piano bar right across her way, where Kate’s best friend from college and long-lost crush is employed. And Sheila like usual keeps her eyes on her daughter, Kat as now she has another decision left, to choose between new beau Oscar (Christopher Rivas) and Max.


The trailer of Call Me Kat was out around a month back, in which she has the cast of her favorite show growing up.

In the Jan. nine season 2 opener, Blossom stars Joey Lawrence, Jenna Von Oy, and Michael Stoyanov will be seen as versions of themselves, Taking Rest in Louisville for a celeb golfing event and swinging through Kat’s cafe.


Call Me Kat Season 2
TV Series Finale

Famous yet not so famous……..

The audience is kept abreast of each improvement through frequent (and often jarring) narration from Kat, who stares on the digital digicam in random durations to Elaborate on what is on her mind. At the cease of every episode, all of the actors featured, even random visitor stars, arrive to wave and smile as their names are credited.

The tool may work on a one-of-a-kind show (or really, just a top show), but here it never stops being quirky and boring. The series’ Louisville, Kentucky, placing is absolutely unrelated aside from a bourbon tasting and Jordan’s Southern drawl.

The problem with “Kat” is that she’s not always very funny. Try because the writers might, the communication is unnatural to the ear and the jokes are flat. Despite Kat repeating how glad she is to be an “old” single woman, the collection is maximum inquisitive about her will-they-won’t-they courting with Max, plus every other romantic prospect that crosses her path. She’s afraid to journey alone. Her mom units her up on blind dates. Her millennial employee (Pratt) indicates her a way to flirt.


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