Death to 2021 Review: What Critics Shared About the Show

Joe Keery and Lucy Liu are joking about when Facebook went down in a new clip from ‘Death to 2021.’ And exactly How did we get through it with a portion of this year without Facebook?

Netflix has posted a new trailer for Death to 2021, which makes fun of Facebook servers shutting down, causing some of the world’s most popular social networks to go offline.

The comical show uses archive video and commentary from imaginary characters to make light of the year’s most dramatic events. Penn Parker is played by Stockard Channing, Duke Goolies is played by Joe Keery, and Snook Austen is played by Lucy Liu. and Diane Morgan as Gemma Merrick are among the performers featured in the new teaser.

Duke Goolies is a YouTube influencer who created a reaction video when Facebook was down but was unable to share it on social media.

All About Death to 2021

Death to 2021

Another “tragic” witness is Snook Austen, who claimed people felt the same way Donald Trump did when they couldn’t use social media anymore.

Penn Parker adds that, in the absence of continual confirmation, individuals began to doubt if they even existed. Finally, Gemma Merrick claims that with Facebook unavailable, she spent the day staring at her phone, hoping for messages that never arrived. You know, just like every other day at Facebook.

Death to 2021 is a follow-up to Death to 2020, which employed the same documentary-style parody to discuss what seemed to be the worst year in human history, with the epidemic and the lockdown. But here we are again, still trying to adapt to [points around] everything. As a result, the new comedy special is much appreciated.

Charlie Brooker (Black Mirror) and his production firm Broke & Bones developed both Deaths to 2020 and Death to 2021 specials, with Annabel Jones and Ben Caudell acting as executive producers with Brooker.

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