DOTA: Dragon’s Blood Season 2 Release Date, Voice Cast, Dragons And Much more

DOTA: Dragon’s Blood Season 2 Updates: Dota Dragon’s is an animated epic fantasy streaming Television Series. It is totally based on a MOBA video game Dota 2 developed and published by valve. This series is produced by studio Mir with an association of Ashey Edward Miller’s company kaiju Boulevard and the series is animated by the production of Reve.

The series was First published on Netflix on March 25, 2021. Would you like to watch this series? The whole series is created by Ashley Miller who is best known for his blockbuster films like Thor and X-men.

Dragon’s blood book 1 has received various positive reviews. Warmly it doesn’t receive the same Critics as received by the Arcane series. The second season is renewed now. Season 2 of Dragon’s will also receive its praise. As the Dragon’s blood series created its own charm by itself. You can’t wait for any more to see the next series after the terrorblade’s fantastic end of season 1 appears to receive more action motion in the upcoming series.

First, it was announced that Dota dragon 2 will be released in January 2022 in late October. But, previously it didn’t specify any particular date of release. But, after its full teaser release on December 9th. Dota dragon’s Blood season 2 is available worldwide from January 6th, 2022. So, what are you waiting for, just have a look? And put your review over the review section.

The eighth episode of season 1st follow the story of a dragon hunter who was caught up in the war between the Dark Moon order of the Nightsilver Woods and between the elves of Coedwin, the story is totally based on the video game Dota 2 created by co-writer of thor, Ashley Miller.

The whole season 1 revolves around the Chaos of Infinite and the result of the primordial mind splitting in half. In this series, Davion thrives in the dragon hunter role. Whereas the horseman who crossed the path with the princess of the moon named Mirana has immense power and is struggling for the lotuses of Mene, which is completely linked to the Goddess Selemene.

The two main supporters who are best known as philosophers are named invokers, who are leaders of the dark moon order. While the lune attempts to find out the missing lotuses.while at the meantime devil named terror blade embraces the chaos surrounding Davion and Mirana, and hopes for creating a new world of their imaging.

The first session of Dota: Dragon’s Blood premiered on March 25, 2021. It comprises the adventures of heroes Davion the Dragon Knight and Mirana the princess of the moon. Other heroes, Invoker, Terrorblade, and Luna were also featured in the first season. It is expected that the dragon blood will continue with the story of Mirana, Davion, Luna, and Marci. While it is expected the new character will be introduced in the upcoming series from the game to the anime, Including Lina the slayer.


In Dota dragon blood seasons have the following character. The dragon hunter Davion{ Yuri Lowenthal}, princess Mirana role played by{ Lara Pulver} who attempts to find the missing lotus from the temple of Mere. Together, they seek out a sage named Invoker{ Troy baker}. While the leader of the dark moon ordered Luna { Kari Wahlgren} who defeated the Goddess Selemene against criticism from Sceptical levels.

During his journey, Davion wants to transform into Sly Rank the Ember Eldwurm{ Tony Todd} and wants to actually transform into a dragon. But, he was actually ultimately deceived by a conniving elf named Fymryn{ Freya Tingley} who struck the lotus. Session one leaves various questions in the audience’s mind whether or not the invokers can make a peaceful agreement with the dark moon order?

What else is expected in DOTA: Dragon’s Blood Season 2

DOTA: Dragon's Blood Season 2
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What will be the invoker’s final revenge?

As from more than a thousand years elf invoker tries to take revenge from goddess Selemene, and now she has been defeated by terrorblade, which is from the Invoker’s mercy.

In this season the viewers want to know what invokers will do with Selemere. Whether it will be invoking going to take revenge or take away her power. For the goddess, losing her abilities is worse than death, especially if she is watching someone else take her place as a goddess.

Whether mere will come back in the second session?

In the first session, it is shown that the invader’s elves still believe that lotuses are necessary for bringing the former goddess mere to power. But, the invoker stated a fake prophecy to Mirana so the two sides would fight. We might observe that the former goddess will return to power since Invoker has a history of lying.

What will happen to elves?

The Dark Moon Order has lost all of its strength as a result of Selemene’s death. They feel more defenseless. Now Luna will get injured, and Marina must lead her people in Dota Dragon blood season 2.

The plot of DOTA: Dragon’s Blood Season 2:

DOTA: Dragon's Blood Season 2
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Season 1 of Dota Dragon leaves various questions in the audience’s mind. In the end, Princess Mariana’s patron goddess Selene found out that his ex-lover, an invoker, had made a deal with the demon terror blade. The deal with bestowing seven souls made a great exchange for the goddess Selene’s soul.

This also heals the world of invokers and he eventually seeks 1000 years of revenge. Invokers have two choices in hand. Either he can kill her, or can take the power of her which will technically hurt the most.

Meanwhile, Davion is transformed back to the human soul but it still has a Slyran’s soul. Now, the invoker has ordered Ferry to bring Davion so that he can take out the soul from him and give it to Terrorblade as promised. In the second season former goddess Amara is returned.

So, what are you waiting for? Just watch session 2 of Dota dragon on Netflix’s premium version if you haven’t watched yet. It is available on Netflix from January 6, 2022. Watch the whole session and give your comment in the comment box section. You will surely like the anemic epic move which is based on the MOBA video game Dota 2.

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