Euphoria Season 2, New Poster, Trailer, And What Zendaya Shared About the Season 2

Who doesn’t want to know about Euphoria season 2? Within a month after the telecast of the gritty teen drama “EUPHORIA” on HBO back in 2019, that hyped upturn of glitter eyeshadow called for another season. It’s been a hard two long years wait, which is about to be over now. 

Euphoria creator Sam Levinson has constructed an extraordinary world with an amazing Team led through the supremely gifted Zendaya,” Francesca Orsi, stated again in July 2019 who’s HBO’s EVP of programming. “We are so thankful that he selected HBO as the house for this groundbreaking series. We stay up for following those complicated characters as their trips maintain thru the hard world they inhabit.”

Season two of Euphoria was affirmed in July 2019.

 The crew and cast are all up for Euphoria Season 2.

Zendaya ( character, Rue, seems to be alive despite the enigmatic season) was seen with her costar Angus Cloud (Rue’s charming rug dealer, Fezco) during a table read picture shared in March 2020 by Euphoria Twitter handle.

There will be new faces and new characters introducing season two. Back in January 2020, there was a report published about new characters being plotted, revealing three new characters, but what we know and is a confirmation, is that Kelvin Harrison Jr. (Waves, The High Note) was also seen in pictures of the second-season table read a post by Euphoria Twitter handle.

The shooting was supposed to begin by March 2021

Euphoria Season 2

Till the coronavirus made us stop. “We had been pre-purported to move back to work, I believe, on March 16. And 3 or 4 days earlier than that, they had been close down,” Zendaya said. “I can’t complain. I’m very fortunate to be secure and wholesome and nevertheless recognize that I even have a job, Euphoria, with the intention to be there. I assume all we ever desired changed for humans to experience visible thru our work. And so that’s all I need to retain to do, to expose the human aspect of what dependency does to a person. Hope do be back soon”.

What’s the release date?

On December 20, HBO Max prompted with a trailer for the second season, with the vague caption of remembrance of the feel.

The trailer also divulged that the new season of Euphoria will come out on Jan. 9.

Catching up with the first season of Euphoria first.

Rue relapsed (in a surreal musical sequence); in the eighth and the final episode of the first season, had titled “And Salt the Earth Behind You,” we saw Jules leaving; Kat and Ethan get together at the winter formal; Cassie looks out for abortion, and Maddy misplacing and destroying CD from Nate’s room that could bring out Nate’s father truth.

 Everyone was in high spirits for the new season.

What will possibly happen in Euphoria Season 2?

Euphoria Season 2
Entertainment Weekly

Let’s pitch in with the two independent episodes televised in December 2020 and January 2021, respectively centered on Rue and Jules. The special first episode of Euphoria, which featured a heartwarming hour-long conversation between Rue and Ali, revealed that Rue had survived the relapse.

And that’s Ali, the man  Rue was introduced to in a recovery meeting, and later became a mentor to her, helping our hero recover from her relapse. In the second independent episode,  focused on Jules, we witnessed a similar one-on-one dialogue, seeing her open up to a new therapist, Dr. Mardy Nichols. 

Rue struggles with his addiction and finds the motivation to bounce back in his episode, Jules recounts the struggles of his transition, as well as his difficult online dating history. (Sadly, Nate still exists in  this show’s world.) At the end of the episode, Rue and Jules meet, but Rue runs away before anything can really be said.

We had a trailer and the date of the Euphoria season 3 in the very first clip! The first look at the second season gave Rue dancing to“Call Me Irresponsible” before a voice-over stages viewers into a dramatic, and criminal plotline in which there won’t be innocent or naive characters left. On The same day the trailer came out, HBO announced the second season date of January 9, 2022.

Another trailer was seen in December 2021

There was such a mystery in the trailer. Can we focus on Sydney Sweeney’s cowgirl attire, Rue had full of pills suitcase with her, and that New year countdown, that gives the police chase a rest?! Just the way Gerry Rafferty’s “Right Down The Line,” this trailer also gives a hint of a bit more tap toe-dance moves and definitely a lot more drama left to be unveiled.


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