Evil Season 3 BTS Images Revealed Production Details

Evil Season 3 Updates: If you’ve seen all of Season 2 of Evil, you’re probably pleased it’s already been renewed, but you also have a lot of questions — and not just about Kristen (Katja Herbers) and David’s conclusion (Mike Colter).

After all, David had been ordained, Kristen had confessed to him that she had murdered LeRoux, and the two had kissed. But, due to Sister Andrea, we also learned more about what Leland (Michael Emerson) is up to and the role Sheryl (Christine Lahti) plays, as well as more about the sigil map (Andrea Martin).

Then there’s Ben (Aasif Mandvi), his girlfriend, and their twin. Dr. Boggs (Kurt Fuller) also needs a break from all things supernatural… Is it possible that something else is going on?

As we wait for Season 3, we take a look at some of the most pressing questions regarding those story aspects and more.

After that kiss, what’s next for Kristen and David?

Nonetheless, David is a priest (and celibacy was a major topic of discussion prior to his ordination), and Kristen is married. This would undoubtedly affect not only their personal lives and relationships, but also the team dynamic in the future, especially with Leland attempting to get admission to the church (somewhat successfully already).

In Season 2, Ben faced his past, had the vision of his mother while wearing the God helmet, and the twin reportedly grafted to his girlfriend’s side became flesh when Vanessa (Nicole Shalhoub) tried to get rid of Maggie.

Evil Season 3: What exactly is going on between Vanessa and Maggie?

Evil Season 3

Ben learned he had been with Maggie, not Vanessa, when his girlfriend contacted him… while her twin was in the next room, the last time we saw them.

Will Kristen commit another murder?

Kristen had planned to kill Leland in order to remove the threat to her girls, but she instead confessed to David. Leland, on the other hand, is still a menace, and just because she doesn’t want to kill again doesn’t mean she won’t. (After all, early in the season, a vision of LeRoux mocked her along those lines.)

“Are there any people in the world who can only be stopped by paying the ultimate price, which is their life?” “Kristen doesn’t really have that available to her now, and she also doesn’t have the same evil available to her that she had in the second season,” Robert King pointed out.

Is Dr. Boggs concealing something significant?

Dr. Boggs informed Kristen towards the end of the season that he would be taking a two-month sabbatical. And given what he’s seen (including a demon!) while working with the squad, he could certainly use one. He did say, though, that his wife requested the break, and that he’d informed Kristen he was phoning his wife when she suspected he was working with Leland behind her back. Is she just being paranoid, or is there more to it?

Robert King admitted, “Boggs has always been a bit questionable character.” “We want to leave the question of whether he has a wife open, as well as what is going on with him.” Because I suppose there is some suspicion, we weren’t sure if it was Kristen’s paranoia or not. And the more we learn, the less certain we are that it was paranoia; you can’t be paranoid about something that turns out to be true.”

What exactly is Leland’s plan with those evil mansions?

The Kings were only able to state that acquiring that job with the church (and then taking over an assessment in the finale) is “very important to his goal.” And, as we saw near the end of the finale, Leland appears to have assembled all of the current and new heads of the demonic houses on the sigil map.

“I believe we’ll use that more and more as our team works to resist what they believe is an impending attack against the religious powers that be,” Robert King stated. “I believe we’re on the verge of some type of — I’m using Armageddon metaphorically, not literally — ultimate conflict.”

In all of this, where does Sheryl fit in?

Sheryl, who is a member of Leland’s organization but has shown that she isn’t just going to follow his commands, is one of the most mysterious characters on the program right now. (He won’t be pleased if he offends her.) Is she strong enough to shove him aside and take command? The eerie dolls – she now has two Eddies! — will continue to be a part of her story, and it’ll always be a question of how far Lexis (Maddy Crocco) will be corrupted.

Evil Season 3: What plans does Leland have for Lexis?

Kristen was resolved to assassinate Leland in the finale after witnessing him kissing her daughter. But what does he have in mind for Lexis? Why did he give her a sheet of paper with the word “daffodil” written on it, the same word Edward (Tim Matheson) used for the duties he assigned to her?

“On inferior Lexis, there appear to be specific designs.” Robert King teased, “It’s unclear if Lexis is a willing or unwilling collaborator in those designs.” And what about Sheryl’s threat to Leland (“if I do this”)? He went on to say, “It’s about Lexis and what direction they want Lexis to go.”

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