Explanation of the “You’re Nothing Special” Finale: Amaia Spills the Beans!

You’re Nothing Special is a Netflix series that shows us that these statements don’t mean anything and that there is always something special in each and every one of us. The series is also available in Spanish under the title Tú no eres especial.

You’re Nothing Special (Tú no eres especial) was conceived of and developed by Estbaliz Burgaleta, and it features, amongst other cast members, Oskar de la Fuente, Dèlia Brufau, and Maria Mercado.

The story of You’re Nothing Special follows a young woman named Amaia who travels to her mother’s hometown, only to find that she has suddenly become a local celebrity due to rumors that she has inherited her grandmother’s supernatural abilities. The young girl then begins her trip to become the new witch in town, where she will use her power to put a spell on anybody and everyone.

You’re Nothing Special (Tú no eres especial) Ending Explained

After Amaia travels to meet her biological father and finds out that he was already married at the time that he and her mother conceived her, the events in the final episode of the show leave her with a new perspective on her relationship with her mother. She is now aware that her mother had a difficult upbringing, and she understands that the fact that she has a biological father is irrelevant due to the fact that her stepfather has loved her more than anybody else.

The next day, after learning that Irene had broken up with Asier, Asier goes to talk to Irene, but while they are talking, Irene reveals the truth about why they broke up in the middle of their conversation. She explains to him that Irene is a lesbian in reality, which is the reason why this event took place. But what she didn’t realize was that Asier would share this information with his friend, and that his friend would then pass it along to others.

Ona reveals to Amaia later that evening, before she heads out to the party, that they will soon be able to return to Barcelona; nevertheless, Amaia insists that she is not yet prepared to split ways with Asier. She believes that she still has a shot with him and doesn’t want to give up on the possibility of them being together. She goes to the party despite not having made up her mind about the transfer.

When Irene suddenly appeared behind her and splashed her with some of her drink, everyone in the room started gazing at her in a curious way. She expresses to Amaia that she feels betrayed by her because Amaia shared her secret with the entirety of the community.

Amaia is taken aback and mortified, and she immediately retreats to a secluded area. Javi and Laura show there to offer their assistance and try to persuade her to forget about what happened and have fun at the party.

Once more, she joins in on the fun until the moment she spies Asier, at which point she goes over to practically hit on him. Nonetheless, while they were talking to one another, she once again leaned into him and attempted to kiss him, which caused Asier to pull away in disbelief. When he attempts to put two and two together, he comes to the conclusion that she was one of the factors that led to the end of his relationship with Irene.

She was humiliated once more, so she sought refuge behind a tree, where Zhao eventually found her and kept her company. Javi, on the other hand, sees the guy who has been following him for the previous several days and storms over to him to inquire as to the reason he has been following him around.

But all of his fury dissipates when he discovers that the guy is truly interested in him and is none other than Shy2005, the person with whom he has been corresponding online.

The conversation then moves on to the two of them talking, at which point the guy calls himself Romeo. This causes something to click in Javi’s head as he remembers Amaia’s words about a certain Romeo entering his life and all of the other incidents that took place whenever she used her so-called magic. Javi also remembers all of the other times that she used her so-called magic.

After that, he leans in close to Romeo, and the two share a kiss, which causes the people in the audience to laugh hysterically. Laura initially expresses her joy for the two, but then she turns around and sees Amaia and Zhao locking lips, which causes her to feel lonely and upset.

She then turns her attention to Chivite, who is in charge of the music, and she gives him a passionate kiss in front of everyone. The show is over with nary a more word.

Will There Be a Season 2 for Tú No Eres Especial (You’re Nothing Special)?

Even if the program You’re Nothing Special is a standard show for teenagers, I’d still like to see a sequel to it since I feel like the fun has only just begun. Javi has reached the point where he feels that Amaia’s powers may in fact exist and that this is only the beginning of them.

On the other hand, I am curious about the adults that these teenagers will develop into, and I want to learn more about them. Also, will Amaia remain in this small town or will she return to Barcelona? It seems to me that this small town has begun to grow on her, so I’m curious what her plans are in this regard.

This show has quite a few unresolved issues, and I would very much like there to be a sequel that addresses these concerns. In addition, my opinion is that if they do decide to produce a second season, it has the potential to be even more epic by including a greater amount of magic and mystery.

Your thoughts on the program? Do share with us in the comments section below!

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