Happiness Season 2: Riley and Abby’s Future

Happiness Season 2, an apocalyptic urban thriller, is set to premiere very soon. The first season of the series is concluded. It has achieved the rank of a worldwide famous K-Drama and will undoubtedly be with us for a long time.

The concert quickly gained traction and put us all on a rollercoaster trip packed with thousands of emotions. The first season went really great with very positive ratings, which has been extremely encouraging for both the show’s cast and staff throughout its journey.

Fans are now hoping the series  will make a big comeback with its second season. People are expecting a lot from this. Also, there’s no doubt that the drama has amazed the whole K-Drama fanbase with its incredible narrative aspects and, of course, great cast performance.

Viewers were overjoyed to learn that the narrative had ended the way they wanted it to, especially when the last episode aired. When it was reported that Yi Hyun had been infected, the internet is now in  craze. All the possible outcomes for the show’s second season has been combined. So, let’s take a brief peek inside and learn all about it.

Happiness Season 2 Renewal Status

Happiness Season 2

For the time being, there has been no formal confirmation of the show’s renewal for a second season. Of course, there are several rumors about the same going on the internet and social media platforms, but we cannot confirm anything. Furthermore, the first season of the show has just ended running, so if a second season is planned, it will take some time.

There have been no public discussions for the same by cast or staff. Everyone wants a second season of Happiness and is noticeable on internet. The show first aired on Nov 5, 2021 and ended on Dec 11, 2021. It featured a total of 12 episodes, all of which were excellent and well-crafted. It is not surprising that the drama series attracted millions of viewers and became one of the most popular in the year 2021.

The tvN show was a huge success, and it received a lot of favorable feedback from all of its viewers. As a result, all of these elements have increased its chances of making a comeback with its second season, and fans are basing their beliefs on the same.

If we get any more updates we will let you know.

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