Inventing Anna: Netflix’s Portrayal of Anna Delvey

Most people have at least heard of Anna Delvey if they’ve been reading the news or watching Netflix. Netflix’s Inventing Anna is a nine-episode miniseries that explores the story of the fictitious heiress.

Having just concluded the series, our minds are full of ideas!

Who is Anna?

Anna Sorokin was born in Moscow, Russia, in January 1991. Her father was a truck driver who later launched an HVAC business, and she grew up in a humble household. Anna, her parents, and her younger brother fled to Germany when she was sixteen years old in search of a better life.

Anna moved to New York City from London, Paris, and Berlin after finishing high school in 2007. Anna used to go by the last name Delvey when she lived in Paris. Everyone who met Anna in New York City assumed she was a wealthy European heiress with a 60 million Euro trust fund. There is no doubt that this was bogus.

In 2017, a judge sentences Anna to Riker’s Island while she awaits her trial. Journalist Vivian Kent was moved by this narrative and set out to uncover the truth about Anna, making the young woman famous in the process.

A New York magazine journalist, Jessica Pressler, is the inspiration for Vivian Kent. How Anna Delvey Fooled New York Party People for The Cut was the inspiration for Netflix’s adaptation of the story, which is based on her piece.

Before Viewing the Series, We Asked Ourselves:

  • How did Anna amass enough wealth to lead such an opulent lifestyle?
  • How accurate is the Netflix’s adaptation?
  • Was Anna truly broke?

Was Anna genuinely interested in building a corporate empire, or was she merely out to defraud others?

How could so many people believe the lies of a person who was supposedly unlikable and unattractive?

Our Questions Answered!

How Did Anna Amass Enough Wealth to Lead Such an Opulent Lifestyle?

We were able to swiftly answer the first question after reading the original article and watching the series. Anna’s parents paid her rent while she worked part-time at Purple magazine when she was still living in Europe. To live like a socialite in Manhattan, she used various methods such as staying with “friends,” making purchases via false wire transfers or bad checks, and making use of a bank loan that she was given with the aim of never repaying it.

How Accurate Is the Netflix’s Adaptation?

In answer to point number two, it appears that much of what we discovered was correct. Most of the events shown were true, despite the fact that some names and details were modified. From Anna’s fictitious techie boyfriend through her circle of friends to the senior partner at the famous Gibson Dunn law firm that she managed to defraud.

Was Anna Genuinely Interested in Building a Corporate Empire, or Was She Merely Out to Defraud Others?

That Anna had no money is what we gathered from the answer to this query. Her trust was phony, she committed bank fraud, and she deceived her friend Rachael DeLoache Williams into using her credit card in Morocco, costing $60K in the process. To be clear, Anna was found not guilty of the charges brought against her in relation to Rachel.

It was the Anna Delvey Foundation (ADF), a more elite SoHo House, that we were concerned about in the second part of our investigation. According to our investigation, Anna was confident in her business plan, which is why she launched this hoax. There’s no end in sight for her.

Finally, how did Anna manage to con so many people? The rich, successful, and powerful are some of the members of this group. Others were just buddies who were making a pittance compared to the cost of living in an affluent area. Contrary to popular opinion, Anna is not a Robin Hood figure because she fooled both the wealthy and the working people.

It’s hard to believe she pulled off such a successful trick, considering how she was perceived by others as nasty, demanding, and impatient. Even though she didn’t have a way with people, her self-assurance, social standing, and ambition seemed to captivate them. We may never know why so many individuals decided to assist her. However, we aren’t pointing the finger at anyone. Trust is a strong tool when it is misused, and these individuals trusted Anna. Many people were trying to see the best in Anna Delvey, and this was the most commonality among the group. On top of that, they didn’t believe her because she pretended to be wealthy and a member of society’s upper crust.

Our Opinions On the Show

To put it mildly, Anna “Delvey” Sorokin has piqued our interest. Clearly, she is a sociopath who has no remorse for what she has done. The first few minutes of this show had us fascinated, and we can’t recommend it highly enough.

As soon as we learned a little about the case in episode one, we couldn’t stop watching this gripping crime story.

After keeping an eye on news stories and noticing one inconsistency: Rachel DeLoache Williams. My Friend Anna was a book written by Rachel. Rachel slams Netflix for making Anna look like a hero in her own portrayal.

While we don’t know enough about Rachel to comment on her, we don’t think Anna was depicted as a victim in this story. The extent to which Anna was responsible for all of her misdeeds was obvious, even though Vivian Kent became fixated on the case and granted her too much leeway.

Where is Anna Now?

After receiving a four-to-twelve-year sentence, Anna was imprisoned for two years. ICE detained her in 2021 after a brief period of freedom. Since she fears deportation to Germany, she has no idea what the future holds for her.

Wrapping Up

We really encourage everyone to see this show and share their comments with us afterward. Do you believe the portrayal of Anna was accurate? She was also subjected to a disproportionate amount of punishment.

We’d like to learn more about this narrative, therefore we’ll be picking up a copy of My Friend Anna in the near future. Watch this space for our book review and a comparison of what Netflix had to say vs what Rachel had to say.

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