Inventing Anna: Who is Anna Delvey?, And What We Know About Her?

Inventing Anna was actually the magazine story which was published by Jessica Pressler and many of the citizens from New York loved it became famous.

The story of How Anna Delvey Tricked New York’s Party People was about a Russian girl who was named Anna Sorokin and recreated as Anna Delvey. Now this story is being played on the platform Netflix.

Inventing Anna Release Date

The creators of inventing anna and Netflix have decided to launch the show on February 11 of 2022. But Creators was actually planning to launch it in the year 2021 only but due to the pandemic situation of Covid-19 and complete lockdown in the world.

Netflix has revealed some of the pictures of the show. Up to now, we didn’t get a complete trailer of it but we have got the first glimpse of the show Inventing Anna. The story of Inventing Anna was created by Shonda Rhimes. Take a deep breath to watch the new trailer of the show.

Story Of The Inventing Anna

Inventing Anna
Hello Magazine

Inventing Anna is a short story which was from the New York area actually she was a Russian citizen and she is from a middle-class family with big dreams. Parents of Anna are her father a truck driver and her mother used to stay at home and she was born in 1991.

They shifted from Russia to Germany which helped even for her future also but she faced a problem with language. She got a seat in fancy art school and got an internship at the renowned fashion magazine purple and by this, she was not satisfied.

The magazine showed the world to Anna by her best friend Neffarati Davis who used to work as concierge at a boutique hotel in Soho of New York. She made a trip in 2017 with her three friends to places like Marrakesh, Morocco and she accepted for paying for everything.

Anna stayed in prison and came out after some years and made an Instagram account and had 143,000 followers. After the release of Speaking to Insider, she conveyed that it’s not gourmet to have changed it. I don’t know. It would be a huge waste of my time.

Cast Information Of Inventing Anna

Inventing Anna

• Julia Garner performed as Anna Delvey
• Anna Chlumsky performed as Vivian
• Katie Lowes performed as Rachel
• Laverne Cox performed as Kacy Duke
• Arian Moayed performed as Todd
• Anders Holm performed as Jack
• Caitlin FitzGerald performed as Mags
• Jeff Perry performed as Lou
• Terry Kinney performed as Barry
• Donna Murphy performed as Donna Zaveri
• Anna Deavere Smith performed as Maud
• Tim Guinee performed as Paul
• Nick Adams performed as Beautiful Person
• Antu Yacob performed as Patricia Merta
• Assaad Bouab performed as Mehdi Harrak
• Rebecca Henderson performed as ADA Catherine McCaw
• India Ennenga performed as Julia
• Usama Siddiquee performed as Rob Wiesenthal
• Kathleen Garrett performed as Sasha Thomas
• Meredith Holan performed as Linda
• Saamer Usmani performed as Chase Sikorski
• Qurrat Ann Kadwani performed as Mary
• Bryan Terrell Clark performed as Brian

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