Is Yellowjackets Season 2 Renewed? – Expected Release Details

Yellowjackets Season 2 will be renewed or not its the most important question among the fans of horror-drama series, as its few episodes of season 5 are yet to be released and as per the schedule the finale episode will air in January 2022.

Yellowjackets is revolved around a team of girl soccer players from New Jersey High School who were flying to Seattle for a tournament and suddenly their plane crashed in the Ontario wilderness. The series is based on two timelines the adult narrators (survivors) and young team members in the wilderness.

Has Yellowjackets Season 2 been renewed by Showtime?

The show was started as a limited series, but as per the audience’s reaction and viewership, it may be possible that the show may return for Season 2. Season 1 has a 7.9 rating on IMDb out of 10 and critics have given the show a 100% score and the audience has given a 76% score.

yellowjackets season 2

The scores are really good to give the show a perfect renewal as Yellowjackets Season 2 could explore so many things. Only five episodes of Yellowjackets have been aired till now on Showtime and yet five more episodes are to be aired so as the show will pick up the pace from the upcoming episode which has been titled “Saint” going to be released on December 19, 2021.

The same day another major series is coming to Netflix. Guess the name Yes it’s “The Witcher Season 2“

So the main point is the Yellowjackets has not been renewed for Season 2 right now, but let’s be optimistic and cross our fingers and hope for its season 2 as the limited series is really awesome due to it’s unique storytelling method. And if you have not watched any of its episodes, please watch it the new episode releases on Showtime every Sunday at 12:01 AM.

When is the Finale of Season 1?

The Finale episode of the show is yet to be released and as per the schedule, the fans can watch the episode on January 16, 2022. The finale Episode of Yellowjackets Season 1 has been titled “Sic Transit Gloria Mundi”, The show has not taken winter leave as like the other shows on Showtime, ABC, AMC, and HBO. It will continue every Sunday.

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