Just Between Lovers Season 2 Release Date, New Characters, and Latest Information

Just Between Lovers Season 2 Updates: Just Between Lovers, also known as Rising and Shine, is a South Korean romantic melodrama television series written by Yoo Bora and directed by Kim Jinwon that first aired on JTBC in 2017.

Do we have season 2 of Just Between Lovers?

Series Just Between Lovers has been confirmed as canceled. The show won’t return on JTBC for another season, but there is still hope that another network will cast it.

The plot

Just Between Lovers is not just a love story, this drama brings together two people who were predestined for each other for no particular reason:

Lee Kang Doo and Ha Moon Soo, both emotionally marked by their past loved ones lost in accidents, take each other with

Lee Kang Doo lost his father in an accident that also resulted in a leg injury.

As an aspiring footballer, his career has been put on hold for at least three years, which results in him wasting his time and life on the streets and getting into fights.

Ha Moon soo will be the change he needed to get his life going.

She lost her sister in an accident while she was being rescued, which left her hiding her pain and feeling guilty for surviving.

She works in an architecture firm, pretends to be good, and works hard. Kang doo. This leads to a romantic relationship as old wounds heal and a sad but beautiful story unfolds.

We learn and grow with these characters. Life goes on even in the midst of tragedy.

Trauma and healing go hand in hand. People struggling with such pain need others to show them that they are not alone. all the difference and it can be a glimmer of hope.

Just Between Lovers Season 2 Latest Information

Just Between Lovers Season 2

The cast includes Lee Kang Do, Won Jinnah as Ha Moon and Lee Ki woo as Seo Joo won.

Just Between Lovers Season 2 Release Date, Cast & Is Season 2 Coming Soon?

The trailer for the first season of Just Between Lovers can be seen on HULU.

Until we get back with more updates on Just Between Lovers Season 2, you can see Goblin Slayer Season 2 until then.

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