Killing Eve Season 4 Release Date, Adds New Cast Member, And Latest Information

Killing Eve Season 4 Updates: The dark comedy thriller ‘Killing eve,’ is going to officially end with its fourth season which is going to release soon in the month of February. Jodie Comer and Sandra Oh, the main actress of the movie, are returning back in the fourth season with the same spark to steal the hearts of the audience.

The show is one of the biggest hits and BBC has revealed that in BC iPlayer – with 40.4 million requests on the streaming platform. The fans are struggling to accept that one of their favorite shows is going to end.

Season 3 was released in 2020 after which there was a long gap due to pandemics but now the wait for the fans is over. The shooting of the last season was held in summer 2021. The director has already announced the show the fourth season during the streaming of season 3 but the date for the streaming has been revealed now.

The show has won awards in different categories like Sandra Oh won Golden Globe Award. The show has been nominated for 8 Grammy awards. Another lead role actress Comer had won an Emmy and BAFTA for her performance previously.

A media organization, Deadline also reported that the show’s Season 2 was the most-watched and loved show beating out new seasons of established shows like Peaky Blinders and Fleabags.

Release Date

Killing Eve Season 4
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The wait of the fans is over as the show is going to get released on February 27, 2022. It will also air on AMC on Mondays from February 28. The fans were expecting that the show would come in 2021 but due to pandemics, there was a delay in the shooting due to which it got delayed and now releasing in 2022.

Like season 3, the fourth season will also have 8 episodes.  BBC recently had released 6 photos of Season 4, including the saintly look of Jodie Comer in a religious gown, Sandra in a blonde wig and Fiona Shaw was seen with indignant facial expressions.

BBC America also released a small trailer of the show showing eve and walking alongside the beach with Carolyn. The channel also released a fiery trailer of the show which references the previous season.

Killing Eve Season 4 Cast

Sandra Oh will return as Eve Polastri- MI5 agent

Jodie Comer will return as  Oksana Astankova / Villanelle- a psychopathic and skilled assassin

Fiona Shaw will reprise the role as  Carolyn Martens-MI6 head

Kim Bodniar will reprise the role Konstantin Vasiliev-Villanelle’s handler.

Owen McDonnell will return Niko Polastri- Eve’s husband

Sean Delaney will return as  Kenneth “Kenny” Stowtown- Carolyn’s son,

Darren Boyd will reprise as Frank Haleton,-Eve’s supervisor at MI5.

David Haig will return as Bill Pargrave- Eve’s MI5 associate who comes with her to MI6.

Kirby Howell will return as Baptiste- Elena Felton- Eve’s assistant.

Nina Sosanya will return as Jess- MI6 agent

Edward Bluemel will reprise as Hugo Tiller- work with MI6

Henry Lloyd will reprise as Hughes – Aaron Peel

Adrian Scarborough will reprise as Raymond- a member of the Twelve

Raj Bajaj will reprise as Mo Jafari- a new MI6 agent working for Carolyn.

Turlough Convery will reprise as  Bear-Kenny’s colleague

Steve Pemberton will return as Paul- MI6 supervisor.

Danny Sapani will return as Jamie Kenny’s boss

Harriet Walter will return as – Dasha Duzran – Villanelle’s former trainer and mentor.

Gemma Whelan will reprise as Geraldine -Carolyn’s daughter

Camille Cottin will return as Hélène – a member of the Twelve.

Killing Eve Season 4 Plot

Eve, who works for a British intelligence agency, was bored with the protection role and wanted to work on cases related to female assassins. She wanted to study their methods, their mental state, and their level of brutality.

When MI5 came to know about her research in female assassins, she was fired but to her delight, she was again hired by MI6, as an international agency, who was after a psychopath assassins Villanelle.

When Eve started the investigation, she was shocked that even the members of her own agency were supporting Villanelle and that is the reason she each time, slips from her hands. Slowly and steadily, this does not remain official and turned personal and both started digging into each other’s lives in order to get more about each other.

All About Killing Eve Season 4

In season 3, Eve and Villanelle had promised each other that they would never see each other again but their promise seemed fake as both were planning for their revenge. The last season will reveal what happens between the two and who wins the race.  The head writer has hinted that the show does not have a happy ending.

Comer in an interview had confessed that the show is not going to end happily; In season 4, Villanelle decided that she will no longer be part of twelve, and Carolyn (Fiona Shaw) turning down her request to work as a double agent for MI6.

The viewers will also get their answers related that whether we have to follow Konstantin to Cuba and find out who killed Kenny and also about the return of Dasha.

What about Helene of The Twelve

Killing Eve Season 4
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Helen is the most senior member of the assassin group ‘the Twelve.’ She was a ruthless French lady and she was very beautifully hiding her truth from her family. She met with Dasha in Barcelona.

She came to know that Villanelle could manage to follow Eve in London but Dasha informed that everything is in control. She warned Dasha that if there will be any mistakes on her part, she will never be able to return to Russia, back to her family.

Did Kenny really just fall off that building

Killing Eve Season 4
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 In season 3, Carolyn came to know that her son, Kenny was dead, and in season 4, she would be searching why his son was thrown from a building. She somewhere knows well that it was not an accident and someone had killed his son. Season 4 will reveal the truth behind Kenny’s death.

As per information, Kenny, the son of spy boss Carolyn was killed at the end of Season 3 but the leaving several questions in the mind of the viewers like who and why.

In Season 3, Konstantin explained that Kenny was too close to the investigation and he also admitted that he was the one who called Kenny on the rooftop but refused to push him. He instead added that took place accidentally as Kenny was too scared and, in the chaos, he slipped from the edge of the rooftop. But the explained is not convincing and it left the viewers is suspicious. But Konstantin’s story filled Carolyn in anger and she killed Paul in her heat of anger.  Season 4 will answer all the unanswered questions related to Kenny’s death.

Is Dasha really dead?

Killing Eve Season 4

In the previous season, Villanelle’s trainer Dasha Duzran had a heart attack and so the viewers should not hold a hope that she would return. The Head writer also hinted that she may not return in the last season. Speaking to Media, head writer and executive producer Suzanne Heathcote said that they intended Dasha to be dead.

They stated that Dasha’s character needs to die in season 3 as per the plot. The need of the story was that Dasha’s heart get stopped and she left us. They also added that if needed, they would find her way back to the show.

The role of Dasha was played by Darne Harrier Walter. she was introduced in Season 3 as villanelle’s former assassin coach who recruited her to re-join the twelve- a group of contract killers. At the end of Season 3, it was shown that both Eve and Villanelle were walking out of the same bridge, knowing that both have contributed to the death of Dasha and they two also decided that they will never see each other again. But the ending was not as simple as it was shown.

While away from each other, they both turned back and look at each other in the way that they would definitely going to meet each other and will plan their revenge. Speaking of the series ending, Heathcote told to media “More violent endings”.  He also added that seasons 1 and 2 had life-and-death cliff-hanger moments and so they were planning something different for Season 4 and assured that it will also be shocking as well as exciting for the viewers.


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