Landscapers Episode 2 Release Date and Time – Streaming Details

Landscapers Episode 2 will take the HBO’s crime-drama series to next level. In the premiere episode, we had seen Susan and Christopher Edwards (David Thewlis) dealing the murder of Christophers murder. The crime-drama narrative with really dark humor has already attracted the lover of thrillers and crime-drama.

The mini-series is based on a true event and a crime committed by William and Patricia Wycherley in Dagenham, England. They had murdered their parents and went unnoticed for more than 15 years.

HBO adapted the incident as a mini-series which has been written by Ed Sinclair you may have noticed him in the Look Around You TV series as Michael or Montgomery The Butler. His other production venture is under pre-production named Screenshot.

What had happened in Landscapers Episode 1?

Landscapers Episode 2

The last episode which was the premiere episode had introduced us to many characters including the main leads Edwards – Susan and Christopher Edwards. Mistakenly they killed their mother (Susan’s mother). They don’t socialize much with the neighbors and the people in the town that’s why nobody bothered about Susan’s mother’s whereabouts.

The main plot of the mini-series is they maintained nobody can suspect that Susan’s parents are dead, all the neighbors admitted that they were clueless that their parents are not alive.

How they did it’s the prime narrative of the show, it’s not only the murder but how they use the pension money of their parents to purchase various collectibles. But when the Department for Work and Pensions tried to contact the couples on the occasion of Susan’s father’s 100th birthday the couple panicked and went to Lille. France.

The story of the first episode revolves around their flew to France. How the police will catch them or what would happen to the couple will be seen in Landscapers Episode 2.

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The Cast and Crew Details of the Show

The series has been created by Ed Sinclair and Will Sharpe and Landscapers Episode 2 will be directed by Will Sharpe. As per IMDb (where the show already has 7.5 ratings out of 10) The Main lead of the series includes:

  • Olivia Colman who has played the role of Susan Edwards
  • David Thewlis will be seen as Christopher Edwards
  • Kate O’Flynn can be seen as DC Emma Lancing
  • Dipo Ola will be seen as Douglas Hylton
  • Samuel Anderson as DC Paul Wilkie
  • Felicity Montagu as Susan’s mother Patricia Wycherley
  • David Hayman as Susan’s father William Wycherley

Other casts include:

Maanuv Thiara, Daniel Rigby, Connie Kiss Mee, Nimisha Odedra, Hayley Carmichael, Lolly Jones, and many more.

Landscapers Episode 2 Release Date and Time

Episode 2 of landscapers will be released on 13th December 2021 at the scheduled time of 09:00 PM ET exclusively on HBO. As it is the mini-series will be over within the two-week as the show is comprised of only four episodes.

The Streaming Details

If you are a fan of crime-drama series you will certainly love the series and the show will be available to watch on HBO or you can stream it online on HBO Max too.

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