Leave The World Behind – Ethan Hawke joins Julia Roberts in Netflix Upcoming Movie

Leave The World Behind is one of the much-awaited movies which was announced a few months back with Julia Roberts as the main lead, Now as the reports of Deadline Ethan Hawke has joined the cast, although the name of the cast has not been disclosed yet by the director and the producer or the actor himself. But as it’s Hawke we can expect a high level of performance in the movie.

Netflix’s ‘Leave The World Behind’ is the official adaptation of the book with the same name written by Rumaan Alam, the movie will be directed by Sam Esmail, you must familiar with his works in Mr. Robot Series which is available to watch on Amazon Prime Video.

As you know Leave The World Behind will be produced by Red Om Films of Julia Roberts in association with Esmail and Chad Hamilton’s Esmail Corp.

Julia Roberts in Leave The World Behind

What could be the plot of the film?

As the film will be an official adaptation of the Book “Leave The World Behind” the main plot and story of the film be based on the book. As the book has won various awards like the National Book Awards of 2020 and is listed as one of the favorite books of Mr. Barack Obama. The Book has also been noted by The Washington Post, Time and Elle.Com

The Official Synopsis of Leave The World Behind:

Amanda and Clay’s aspirational vacation with their teenage children is interrupted by the arrival of a middle aged couple who own the holiday home and who have fled an unprecedented blackout in the city. When the internet, television and radio stop working, as does the landline, they have no way of finding out what is happening. As strange sonic booms shatter the peace of the countryside, and animals start to migrate in strange ways, the physical and mental health of the families begins to disintegrate. The renters are upscale and White; the owners are upscale and Black. The issues of race and clash become distractions to the more alarming things are happening all around them.

The Confirmed Cast of the movie

Leave the World Behind will have the Oscar Awards winners Mahershala Ali and Julia Roberts and now as Ethan Hawke also been confirmed we can expect so much form the movie. As per the plot and the story of the book we can also expect another Academy Awards Nomination by the movie in the coming years.

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