Legacies 4 Part 2: Lizzie and Hope’s War? Where is Real Hope? Release Date, And Latest Information

Legacies 4 Part 2 Updates Legacies is one more gemstone added to the vampire series after Vampire Diaries and Originals.  The supernatural series started in 2018, deals with the next generation of kids who have huge powers and worst desires, which led them to choose their path of wrong and right.

The plot’s major part has been shot in The Salvatore School, the place where the kids are studying and dealing with their day-to-day teen problems along with handing their unlimited powers.

The young vampires, witches, and werewolves are hoping between choosing to criminal and hero but the last part of season 4 will help answer the questions to the fans. The series is centered around Hope and her love London. The series also has a sprawling cast of witches, vampires, werewolves, and assorted other paranormal beings.

The American fictional drama’s Legacies 4 Part 2 will start its premiere on January 27, 20222 on CW whereas the first part of Season 4 was premiered on October 14, 2021. But finally, on December 16, 2021, all 57 episodes of Legacies were released and currently it comprises all four seasons.

The first part of season 4 was about the adventurous ride of Hope and her friends with all twists and turns.  Hope is still struggling to embrace her dark side when she realizes that she has Lizzie on the other side, with whom she had to win.

Legacies 4 Part 2 Cast

Legacies 4 Part 2
  • VaDanielle Rose Russell will reprise as Hope Mikaelson.
  • Jenny Boyd will reprise as Lizzie Saltzman.
  • Kaylee Bryant will return as Josie Saltzman.
  • Quincy Fouse will reprise as MG.
  • Aria Shahghasemi will return as Landon.
  • Matthew Davis will return as Alaric Saltzman.
  • Peyton “Alex will reprise as Smith. Rafael.
  • Chris Lee will return as Kaleb
  • Omono Okojie will return as Cleo

Brief Description of Characters

  • Hope Mikaelson- The role of Hope was played by Danielle Rose. She was found to be a tribrid (Werewolf, vampire, and witch) and she is struggling with whom to trust and whether it will be ok to use people for her profits.
  • London Kirby- The role is played by Aria Shahghasemi. She is also one of the protagonists and she has an on-again and off-again relationship with Hope. In the last season, it was shown, how London learned to stand for herself, at the same time it was retconned that it was Malivore piloting Landon the entire time. This is Aria’s first major role.
  • Alaric Saltzman- The role was played by Matthew Davis. He has played the role of the headmaster of Salvatore School, who is an expert in killing monsters. Mathew has a good fan following because of his outstanding acting in vampire diaries and then in Originals. The other TV show in which David has acted is Cult and Damage. He even worked in many movies like Pearl Harbor and Legally Blonde.
  • Lizzie Saltzman-The role was played by Jenny Boyd. She played the role of Aric’s twin daughter. She is a wonderful witch but at the same time an emotional one. In public, she is a mean and shallow girl, but from the inside, she is actually a girl who is self-aware and had grown a lot.
  • Josie Saltzman- the role played by Kaylee Bryant. She is the other twin of Saltman and she is as powerful as her twin sister, Lizzie. She is a very good sister who prioritizes her sister’s needs before hers.
  • Milton “MG” Greasley – The role was played by Quincy. He is a vampire but still an optimistic one. Milton’s nerdy interest had kept MG many times insecure but each time he very confidently came up. He had a crush on Lizzie and in Season 3, he was shown taking a stand for his love Lizzie.
  • Kaleb Hawkins- The role was played by Chris Lee. Kaleb is also a vampire and best friend to MG. Initially rebellious and resistant to Alaric’s strict rules but later he turned mature and this could be seen in season 3. He even became Alaric’s one of the favorites.
  • Cleo- The role was played by Omono Okojie. He had the power to inspire the was prisoned by Malivore, centuries ago and he seeks to regain her.


Legacies 4 Part 2

In the first part of Season 4 of legacies, Hope was trapped in aurora’s body whereas Aurora was in Hope’s body trying to kill Hope. Aurora was enjoying the threatening game until Lezzie arrived.

When Lezzie, who had enmity with Hope, was trying to hurt her, Aurora who was in Hope’s body convinced her that she was not Hope. Later, the duo, Lezzie, and Aurora join hands to kill Hope. But actually, Lezzie was bluffing Aurora for Hope.

Lezzie told Hope about catching Aurora and Hope was hopeful that she can exchange the body with her father’s life. At the same time, Aurora had confusion but it was later cleared when she finds that Lezzie was with Hope. But Hope does not trust Lezzie.

Lezzie even tried to take advantage of the movement and tried to cast spell on Hope who was Aurora’s body but she could not because somewhere inside she still loved Hope. After lezzie saves Hope, she thought that their friendship was reclaimed but unfortunately, Hope does not believe Lezzie and she turned around.

On the other hand, Josie is leaving school and hoping that Finch would accompany her but all her dreams are shattered when Finch decides to be in school.

What will happen next in Legacies 4 Part 2?

In the second part of season 4, Lezzie and Hope will have a huge battle. Lezzie is much stronger than before but the question is whether she will be able to stand against a tribrid whereas the rest of the team had to take care of other things as ethane as he had also turned against them.

The second part will also have the romance for the lead role Hope and the for Lizzie and MG. Cleo is also finding his way out from Malivore. For the answers, the viewers had to wait for the second part to get released.

London’s death

Legacies 4 Part 2

London, who is Hope’s love interest has died four times in 3 seasons.

Landon’s First Death (Season 1, Episode 13)

London’s first death came in season 1.  In this season, London pushes MG to meet his family but MG was not willing to. In this process, MG got angry and he punched London’s nose, only for his bleeding to awaken the bloodsucker in Landon’s erstwhile friend.

It was also shown that MG was not able to control his blood lust and he chowed down, killing London in the process.  But before the episode ends, MG moved his body so that he can start smoking, burst in flames, and be reborn.  Landon, it transpires, is not a human as assumed, but rather a Phoenix.

Landon’s Second Death (Season 2, Episode 16)

London’s second death was shown in season 2 Episode 16, “Facing Darkness is Kinda My Thing.”  In this episode, Raf kills London by stabbing him in the chest with a golden arrow.

Raf was taken over by an evil spirit necromancer, who made him do this to his friend.  As it was mentioned, the golden arrow can kill phoenixes but despite this, the human thing inside London saved him and he survived.

Landon’s Third Death (Season 3, Episode 4)

The third time, London was killed in season 3, Episode 4, ‘Hold on Tight,’ In this episode, London gives permission to the villain Golem Father to use his body as a host so the pair can do battle with the aforementioned Necromancer.

In this fight, obviously, the dark spirit was killed but before this, the spirit burnt London’s body in the fire of hell, and this work was done by its undead dragon.  Luckily, London resurrected soon after the spirit died.

Landon’s Fourth Death (Also Season 3, Episode 4)

The fourth episode of Season 3 has filmed London’s death twice.  The third time was discussed above whereas the fourth time, London was killed after he and his girlfriend Hope was rescued from the Prison World safely.

When the two leads were having their lovemaking, Landon melts into a puddle of dark goo as Hope watches, helpless to intervene. But, later, London was saved and he got better.


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