Light the Night Season 2 Renewal Status, New Characters And Other Details

Light the Night Season 2 Updates: A well-written show with an amazing cast! It’s rare to see something like this in a Taiwanese drama, stated by a fan. Light the Night is a 2021 Netflix drama set in the late 1980s and tells the lives of hostesses in a club named ‘light’, which was set up in Taipei city in Jiaotong town.

Particularly the show is Taiwanese, but runs as the Chinese language drama, mama – San Rose and Mama- San sue who together runs the famous establishment of them. Apart from doing hostess work due to some reasons, the women got into light due to the murder of one of them.

Directed by Yichi Lien the show’s genre is a mystery yet mixed with the chaotic situation with suspense. As season 1 of the show leaves us with the emotion of sadness, greed, and emotions expressed by the – Japanese hostess club’s – women, who were in the mainstream of the media, though the show’s first season leaves us with mysteries and cliffhangers, the fans are curious whether the show renews for its second season, and happily, the Netflix released the teaser of the 2nd season just a day ago.

Light the Night Season 2 Cast Revealed

Light the Night Season 2
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Although the show has been made as a three-part series, so the 2nd season is the 2nd part which will continue the story so far. Light the night season 2 will premiere on December 3, only on Netflix. The second season will bind up with 8 episodes including a runtime of 50 minutes each.

As the cast will return for the renewal of the second season itself, which includes:
Rose – Ruby Lin
Ah-chi- cherry Hseih
Aiko – puff Kuo
Yuri – Nikki Hsieh
Ya-ya – Cammy Chiang
Hana – Esther Liu & more.

Though the second season will continue the main storyline, will get to know about sue’s killer; the history of each hostess. The second season will continue to shift between the past and present including Ah-chi’s reaction to sues engagement with Mr. Nakamura. Also, we get to see some slight changes in the relationship of rose, Chiang-han & sue.

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