Netflix-Green Mother’s Club: Watch it or Skip it?

Green Mother’s Club is a K drama series dropping on Netflix. This is releasing on 6th April, this will be available globally from 7th April onwards. 

Green Mother’s Club is a K drama series about five mothers. Green Mothers’ Club” is about the perilous, insidious connections between guardians of an elementary school – and the secret clouded side of this apparently amicable local area. Lee Yo Won, Jang Hye Jin, Kim Kyu Ri, Chu Ja Hyun, and Joo Min Kyung star as five totally different mothers and play the lead roles.

They all have a place with similar guardians relationship at the school. Here a proverb can go with the storyline, that is “we keep our friends tight and our enemies tighter”.

Netflix-Green Mother’s Club: Watch it or Skip it?

Green Mother's Club

The K drama series has 16 episodes. The name of the first episode of Green Mothers Club episode 1 is  “Not All Neighbours Are Good Neighbours”. Every episode has a runtime of 68 minutes.

The first episode begins with Eun-Pyo in class discussing the Salieri Syndrome and the audience eventually, rapidly understands that there’s some sort of past with her and the significance behind the Syndrome as she sees somebody whom, evidently, “she had no way against.” We see them at various times.

In the present, she attempts to strike over this secretive lady’s head with a mug. That all, nonetheless, is by all accounts simply a fantasy as Eun-Pyo awakens close to her child with a beginning.

Now, however, Green Mothers’ Club feels like a mix of Sky Castle and a female-driven Graceful Friends. That is a fascinating mix however it is not yet clear in the event that this one can truly take it out of the recreation area. This first episode catches that feeling of distance so well and the characters are intriguing and surely conceal a ton of things.

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