Peacemaker Official Trailer Released, John Cena And Team Fighting Multiple Villains

Peacemaker Updates: Peacemaker trailer peacefully provides a peaceful amount of peacefully peaceful people.
Starring John Cena, can make a great impact as the fact of providing the word “peace” is not pertinent to the trailer, and the actor himself. From the makers of the suicide squad, peacemaker gets its shot on HBO max. With it’s full of DC superhero and villain deep cuts.

So, now we’ve got a trailer! Directed by James Gunn, which carries over several characters from the movie The Suicide Squad. And as usual, we dug through the trailer to see what could figure out.

Peacemaker Characters

Nerds & Beyond

Well, the trailer doesn’t reveal too much but still excites you to watch the show, which features highly anticipated actor John Cena and finally the role for him which depicts his comedy chops and his dramatic moments. Although, the trailer had some cliche moments including when Peacemaker (John Cena) opened the car door for his eagle to have us.

As the teaser wastes no time in showing off the characters then, why would we though! Meanwhile, the Harcourt was first introduced in the suicide squad book. It shows kicking a bunch, turned task force operations, and logistics officer.

Peacemaker’s dad, here he’s just mean old shit bag and they’re probably not shifting the story of peacemaker’s dad from the comics. We also see the woman who looks like IROC-Z in a warrant video throwing peacemaker off the wall. Who is that metal hair woman? Apart from this, many characters from the suicide squad were playing in this movie.

The Cast:
John Cena
Jennifer Holland
Freddie stroma
Steve Agree
Danielle brooks

Now, let’s see how the movie will do, and excitedly looking forward to how he builds this character. The peacemaker will debut on January 13, 2022.

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