Prodigal Son Season 3: Malcolm And Dani’s Future?

Prodigal Son Season 3 Updates: Prodigal Son is a comedy-drama on Fox that spins around s doctor Malcolm Bright. Malcolm is the son of the criminal Martin Whitley. There is bad news for the fans of Prodigal Son, as the sources have revealed the Prodigal Son season 3 is canceled by Fox.

That means most of the questions will be unanswered. As far as now we can only say that our officer is very brilliant and he knows how the murderers work while putting himself at their place.

And our hopes are not dead yet for the show as the Creators of the show Sam Sklaver and Chris Redak confirmed in an interview with Deadline, the production of the series in not been canceled yet.

Sklaver also shared that Fedak has already pitched fox on the big idea before the show gets canceled/

It was also stated that the prodigal son season 3 might be seen on any other platform if not on Fox.

What will happen if Prodigal Season 3 gets renewed?

Prodigal Son Season 3
The Wrap

One of the biggest questions is what will be the plot of season 3? We can assume that Malcolm will end up stabbing his serial killer father.

As we already saw martin and Malcolm teaming up together to catch the serial killer AKA The Woodsman, as the team-up they get emotional and share most of the emotions, While martin is thinking he’ll be able to get his son’s belief and trust and he’ll prove that he is a changed man all his bad doing is left in the past.

On the other hand, our officer follows his moral values after he catches The Woodsman he asks the police to get martin in the custody.

Martin gets to know he can only escape once he kills his son at that moment he reaches for his weapon and tries to stab our officer Malcolm, Malcolm gets the hold of Martins’s weapon and while saving himself he stabs his father. He assures Martin is going to die in season 3.

That shows Martin and his son are not more different than each other, and this incident might spoil Malcolm’s chance to be with Dani when she’ll get to know what Malcolm has done.

Cast and the Characters in the Season 3

Aurora Perrineau as Dani Powell
Keiko Agena as Edrisa Tanaka
Tom Payne as Malcolm Bright
Bellamy Young will act as Jessica Whitly
Frank Harts will play the role of JT Tarmel
Halston Sage will play the role of Ainsley Whitly
Kasjan Wilson will act as young Malcolm.
Lou Diamond Phillips as Gil Arroyo
Michael Sheen as Martin Whitly

Let us know what do you think about Martin?

Martin might be alive at the end of the season 2 in-spite of his injuries in the gut and those stabs by his son?

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