Rebelde Season 2: Release Date, Plot, Cast, And Everything You Should Know!

Rebelde Season 2 is one of the much-awaited series on Netflix! Teen drama is something that has always been in vogue. From the American teen drama to the British one, we have seen that it gains a lot of popularity and changes the life of the actors. From Miley Cyrus to Ariana Grande and even in Bollywood we have Tara Sutaria who once was in a lead role for a Disney teen drama. If we are talking about teen drama then we cannot forget about the genre called comedy. One such teen drama that was released last year was a Mexican one, called Rebelde.

Rebelde is a teen drama about Mexico. It is a comedy-drama that is the reboot of the previous drama with the same name that came in the year 2004. The drama is based on a novel that is of the same name, called Rebelde, which is written by Cris Morena and also on a novel called Rebelde of Pedro Damian. The series was released this year on Netflix and has gained a good view.

Rebelde Season 2: Renewal Updates and Release Date

When it comes to the release and the sequel of it then we have some updates for you. As we know that the series was released on 5 January 2022, just a few days ago and it has 8 episodes. The series is still on the run because people are still watching it with some fun, again and again. Fans are in wonder whether the makers have renewed it or not.

Rebelde season 2 on netflix

Makers renewed this series for the second season. We don’t have a fixed date but we can assume that the shooting may start this year and the release of the second season would be in 2023, somewhere in May month. The number of episodes would be the same as the first one, that is 8 episodes.

The Cast of Rebelde Season 2

When we talk of the actors and the casting in season two then we are pretty sure that the faces would be the same. Some of the casts in season one were the same as the casts of the series that came in 2004. So it is confirmed that we will be seeing them again for the second season. The casts are as follows: Azul Guaita will be as Jana Gandia Colren, then there will be Franco Masini as Luka Colucci, we will have Giovanna Grigio as Emilia Alo, Sergio Mater Mori in the role of Esteban Torres, Andrea Chaparro as Maria Jose Sevilla. We will also have Alejandro Puente as Sebastian Langarica, and Estefania Villarreal as Director Celina Ferrer.

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Since we know that season one ended with a big twist and that is the reason why we want season two. The twist in season is also a confirmation for season two. Fans are now wanting official announcements related to the renewal date. We may hope that filming would start soon in Spring and we may get a glimpse at the end of 2022.

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