Snowfall Season 5 Release Date – What it could be all about?

Snowfall Season 5 is expected to release in 2022, Here we have every information about the details you need to know about the upcoming series. As we all know, Snowfall Season 4 left off on a lot of high points while the fans have been excitedly waiting for the fifth season of Snowfall. Before we talk about some predictions that fans are doing for the fifth season, let us get a quick recap about what happened in the previous seasons.

Snowfall series followed the crack cocaine epidemic in its infancy in Los Angeles somewhere around the 1980s. It shares a glimpse of police brutality, real estate, media influence, US politics, corruption, secret wards, and how cracks in three years turned South Central from a working-class neighborhood to a war zone. In the first season of Snowfall, fans saw Franklin Saint played by Damson Idris, CIA operative Teddy McDonald played by Carter Hudson, and Gustavo “El Oso” Zapata played by Sergio Peris-Mencheta who is a Mexican wrestler turned enforcer.

The finale of Snowfall’s fourth season was full of twists and turns as convenience store clerk-turned-drug-czar Franklin Saint tried to safeguard those closest to him while securing his interests in the LA drug trade. Meanwhile, he confronts his former childhood infatuation, Melody Wright, for the first time in the episode’s closing scene. Franklin’s rehabilitation got a little later after his almost-death experience after which, he was unable to walk without the use of a cane.

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Melody shot Franklin after learning that he had shot and murdered her father, police sergeant Andre Wright. However, Franklin had murdered Andre after the latter refused to give up his inquiry into Franklin’s illegal activities. The confrontation between Melody and Franklin in the season fourth finale of Snowfall is quite tense and tries to show what kind of man is Franklin Saint.

Snowfall Season 5 Release Date

Snowfall’s season four was intended to premiere in 2020 and it was postponed owing to the COVID-19 epidemic and production was temporarily halted. Thus, it could be easily assumed that Season 5 of Snowfall is expected to be released between February and September 2022. However, there is no confirmation about a precise date announced by the makers. So far, there’s no official release date for Snowfall’s fifth season but the fans do believe that it is not going to be very long.

Snowfall Season 5 female lead

Coming to cast, let us make it clear that nobody is secure in Snowfall and this has proven especially true in Snowfall Season 4. As a result, it’s impossible to predict who would be seen in the series at any given time. Damson Idris is likely to be seen in the fifth as so much of the show still revolves around Franklin. Fans believe that the known cast i.e. Carter Hudson, Sergio Peris-Mencheta, Michael Hyatt, Isaiah John, Amin Joseph, and Kevin Carroll will be back for the Snowfall Season 5. Besides, Melvin Gregg, Geffre Maya, De’Aundre Bonds, and Suzy Nakamura have all been significant enough.

Let us talk about some common predictions that the fans believe for the fifth season of much-loved crime-thriller “Snowfall”.

Is Franklin’s dad is still around?

This question is running around in the minds of many viewers. Actually, the fans saw Alton Saint being tracked down by Reed Thompson in the finale of the fourth season of the “Snowfall’ but viewers never actually saw him pull the trigger. This has forced many viewers and fans to believe that since Alton talked him out of it while convincing Reed to help him take down the CIA instead. Thus, the fans believe that Reed and Alton might be seen working to get revenge on the CIA. Since the fans believe that since they never saw the murder and keep in view the promises made by Reed to Franklin, they have this theory. However, many fans still doubt Reed would ever turn on the CIA. But anything could be said with surety after Snowfall Season 5 come on the screens.
Does Cissy set Alton up?

Snowfall Franklin’s dad

Another theory that the fans believe and are predicting for the Snowfall Season 5 is that Alton actually did die and many fans are seen blaming Cissy Saint for the same. A few fans speculated that she might have actually tipped Reed off to their location to protect her son and thus, they did think that she set him up. Another fan expressed a doubt that she might have whispered something in Franklin’s ear when they were saying goodbye. They said that she wasn’t anyways going to leave her son as he is definitely a “Mumma’s boy”. But many are still arguing and speculating that Teddy tracked them down on his own. Let us see in the fifth season what the actual reality is.

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Is it true that Jerome and Aunt Louie won’t be as successful as they think?

In the fourth season of Snowfall, Jerome and Aunt Louie were ready to head-on on their own especially after Skully tried to kill Louie. After all this, they had already had solo successes including helping in expanding the business to Arkansas. But some fans aren’t sure that they would be able to fully handle things without Franklin. Some fans even feel the Arkansas deal could be their great downfall. They believe that the way the writers wrote the Arkansas episode is setting them up to fail and leading them to downfall.

Snowfall Season 5 - Jerome and Aunt Louie

Her cousins are pretty oblivious and have no idea what they getting into and they do seem pretty resistant to the idea that they can’t use the product. The fans speculate that writing a plot like where Jerome and Louise just work on their own and become successful isn’t realistic. Many fans are agreeing with this theory while many agree that Jerome and Aunt Louie will face big problems on their own. Fans are waiting to see whether their predictions and speculations are right or not.

Did Skully actually die?

skully in snowfall season 5

When fans saw Skully for the last time, he was bleeding out from a serious gunshot wound but fans are wondering whether he actually died or not. This has created doubt in the minds of the fans and they believe that Skully might have survived. A fan said that he believes that Skully is not dead for sure, rather has ended behind bars. Indeed, Skully is one of the most interesting characters and fans are quite eager to know whether he survived or not. However, on the contrary, some fans claimed that it is hard for them to imagine that Skully is still alive, considering how harsh things looked for him. But on the other hand, they do agree with the fact that the crime thriller Snowfall does need a villain and who would play it better than Skully.

Will Mel be at odds with Franklin in Snowfall Season 5?

What fans saw in the previous season is that Mel had run out of options with Franklin especially after he sold him out to the reporter Irene Abe. This surely doesn’t mean that she’s done chasing him. Fans have been speculating that it is indeed clear that she would never forgive him for what he did to her father and this is why some fans think she’ll be back in season fifth and her job is still incomplete. Snowfall believes that Mel is going to come back as an enemy but many others expressed their wish that she should stay away from it.

snowfall Mel and franklin

While ending this series of predictions and speculations that fans believe, anything can give fans the confirmation about actually going to happen in the Snowfall Season 5. Fans are eagerly and enthusiastically looking forward to seeing what happens when Snowfall season five comes back. Snowfall is a crime thriller that has never failed to amuse viewers with its storyline. The fans could definitely expect that they are about to see a good and breathtaking comeback in the fifth season of the series.

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