Snowpiercer Season 3 Release Date, And Story So far in Season 1 and 2

The wait is over as Snowpiercer Season 3 is coming soon!! Another good news for the fans is that not only Season 3 but the fourth installment of the franchise has also been confirmed by US network TNT. Snowpiercer’s season 3 is releasing on 24th January 2022 and fans can see it on Netflix.

Snowpiercer is a post-apocalyptic, climate fiction, and sci-fi series based on a French graphic novel that was titled under Le Transperceneige. While the last two seasons totally took us on a wild ride, the third one is set to fully blow us off the tracks. The viewers can’t wait to see what the super train has stored for them.

The show talks about a dystopian world where the ice age has taken over and every last remaining person is boarded on a moving train called the Snowpiercer. We were being introduced to Melanie Cavill who is in charge of maintaining the train but has great empathy towards the lower class members’ one of them being Andre Layton. As Layton is called to investigate a murder, he swears to the lower class people that he would find a way to fight this war, and with this position, he managed to organize a revolution that puts him in charge of the train. But the worst is yet to come as Mr. Wilford enters the frame.

Snowpiercer Season 3 Cast Details

Snowpiercer Season 3
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In season two, we were introduced to many new faces from Alice including Sean Bean as Mr. Wilford and Rowan Blanchard as Alexandra. Even though she made a debut in the season 1 finale but in season 2, she became a regular.

Besides all the new faces in the second season, we got to see the snow piercer regulars from season 1 such as Daveed Diggs as Andre Layton and Jennifer Connelly as Melanie Cavill. All of the actors who were in season 2 besides the one who was killed off from the show are all expected to come back for the third season.

The cast members who have been confirmed for Season 3 are Archie Panjabi, Alison Wright, Rowan Blanchard, Katie McGuiness, Mickey Sumner, Lena Hall, Iddo Goldberg, Sam Otto, Roberto Urbina, Annalise Basso, Sheila Vand, and Steven Ogg.

Let us give a detailed overview of the plot of the most-watched Season 1 and Season 2

Snowpiercer Season 3
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In the year 2014, the world becomes a frozen wasteland as a result of human intervention in an attempt to change the increasingly hot climate. 7 years later, in 2021, some of the survivors of the human race have made their way onto a perpetual motion train engine, built by the mysterious Mr. Wilford. This Snowpiercer continuously circles around the world in order to keep its passengers in motion and thus alive.

However, due to the strict class system, tensions are rising and the pressure may become too much even for the Snowpiercer. Just before the Snowpiercer departed, people stormed the train and some managed to get on board. These people known as the Tailies live in the Tail of the train that too under terrible conditions.

Fed up living like this, they plan a revolution but one of their leaders i.e. Andre Layton, who is later summoned by Melanie Cavill, the voice of the train, and Roche, the head of the police. Being a former detective, Layton is asked to solve a murder mystery. In the meantime, Pike starts the revolution but after taking just one car, they are stopped by a well-armed security force. Thereafter Layton arrives to put an end to the premature revolution.

Later in the control room, Melanie is called Mr. Willford by Bennett. Together with Bess, Layton examines the victim’s body and finds the victim’s missing limbs while in the tail, Miles is taken Uptain by Ruth to become a future engineer.

When later that day, Bess takes Layton back to his cell, the Tailes draw the layout of the train on a piece of clothing and put up a distraction so that another Tailie can take the information with him. However, in doing so, he is knocked down. When he wakes up, Melanie scolds him but he replies that he knows that the murder victim was a spy for Willford.

Melanie and Roche admitted that the victim was indeed a spy who kept tabs on a new drug called Kronole. Layton reveals to them that Kronole is not new. They then interrogated Dr. Henry who revealed that he has sold some of it in the black market. This led Layton to Terence, who described the suspect to him. However, before he reveals information to Melanie, he demands a visit to Josie and secretly gives her an access chip to open doors with.

Meanwhile, the real killer Eric kills Nikki. After learning of Nikki’s death, Melanie and Layton investigate the First class. There, LG Folger reveals that Eric is missing, causing Bess and Ossweiler to chase him through the train, leading to his death by the train’s security.

Using the access chip, Josie turns a former Tailie, Astrid who now works in Third, into a spy into the Tail. During a personal conversation with LJ, Layton finds out that she used Eric to kill those men and he hands it over to Melanie. With the killer found, Melanie then drugs Layton and puts him in a drawer for actually knowing that she is running the train.

After learning of Layton’s disappearance, Josie uses the access chip in order to look for him. Astrid points her to Terence who takes her to the drawer’s car where she finds Layton. However, she is found by Bess and Ossweiler and with Bess’s help, took Layton to Zarah.

Meanwhile, LJ stands trial for involvement in the killing and during her testimony shocks Melanie by revealing that the second victim told her everything about Mr. Wilford. The tribunal then finds her guilty but scared Melanie secretly arranges for LJ to be released in fear of spilling her secrets.

The decision led to the work stoppage organized by Audrey. As a response, Melanie visits the third and threatens to send some of them to the Tail if they continue with the strike. Layton heads to Melanie but before this, she has been engaged in some technical work.

Fortunately, Melanie manages to fix the train. Wanting to start his revolution, Layton meets Audrey and other key people they trust. Meanwhile, Melanie threatens pregnant Zarah who helped Layton escape. Zarah snitches to Josie who is taken for interrogation. However, Josie refuses to give up Layton and gets tortured in return.

Despite being attacked, Melanie survives the encounter and leaves Josie locked up in her office. Bess convinces Layton and convinces LJ to help him while Melanie gives miles access to the Engine. LJ also learns that Melanie runs the Snowpiercer. She then tells her parents.

Meanwhile, Layton rallies his people to start the revolution, while Melanie reveals to Ruth that she built Snowpiercer and Wilford was a fraud. When Commander Grey hears about their rebellion, he attacks the rebels in the night car. Wanting to know how to beat his opponent, he has Pike brought to him and to find out how to Combat Layton. Back on the train, Pike visits Layton and offers him options from Commander Grey.

Meanwhile, Melanie escapes her execution and meets Layton, by uncoupling the cars where the Jackboots are gathered. He thereafter surrenders. But, once he escapes his guards, Melanie escapes leaving all behind to die.

Now that the rebels have won the war, Melanie hands over the power to Snowpiercer. But then they are confronted with another one of Wilford’s trains, Big Alice which is a supply train. Melanie believes that Wilford is himself on the train and warns Layton about it. Melanie is thrown out of the train while Ruth welcomed Wilford. However, Mr. Willford doesn’t appear but Melanie’s daughter Alexandra warns them that they have 13 minutes to surrender or they would die from the freeze.

The second season picks up right where the first one ended and continues the revolution that Layton had started. Mr. Wilford is the show’s villain that is up against Layton on who is in charge of the train. We also see Melanie struggling to find a base or any kind of humanity outside the train as Wilford manages to take over the train. He banishes Layton to the big Alice compost car. But, in the end, we see Layton stand up to Mr. Wilford one last time as he freezes the car where they are forcing them to go separate ways and leaving Wilford behind. So, there are a lot of things to be answered in season 3.

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