Squid Game Director Hwang Dong-hyuk Drops Huge Hint For Squid Game Season 2?

Squid Game director Hwang Dong-hyuk dropped a number one replacement approximately the second season. After a touchdown on Netflix in September, the Korean horror collection Squid Game took the vicinity thruway of the approach of the storm and characteristic end up a worldwide phenomenon. The display broke more than one fact at the streaming platform and left site visitors inquiring for more. Thankfully, director Hwang Dong-hyuk showed he might probably create a sequel and unveiled some exceptional replace.

The southern Korean horror collection end up being extensively praised because it took audiences and social media on a sudden journey. Squid Game found the lives of 465 people competing in an unsightly opposition to win a monetary prize with a charge of roughly £28.2 million.

The gamers were pressured to play a chain of kid’s video video video games with a deadly twist, which captivated site visitors at the same time as highlighting the truth of poverty and capitalism thru Seong Gi-hun accomplished thruway of the approach of Lee Jung-Jae.

Although Hwang Dong-hyuk to start with intended for the display to be a miniseries, there has been an excessive call for the season, which he later showed might be created.

In an interview with Deadline, the director revealed: “It might probably nearly now not make the revel in to now not have a sophomore season for some aspect that ends up loved.

“So I count on that there can be season however for even because it’ll be, I cannot provide you with an answer, I will say even though that we’re certainly talking approximately it. With the second season ultimately shown, lovers have taken to social media to percentage more than one theory approximately Gi-hun’s fate.

What More Hwang Dong-hyuk Shared About Squid Game Season 2?

Squid Game Season 2
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Hwang had formerly disclosed it took 10 years for Squid Game to hit the screen, thankfully with the display’s growing popularity, it’s strong to mention season won’t take as long.

The director furthermore shared his genuine plans for the display: “I completed the script in approximately 2009 however at the time, I had definitely written it as a characteristic movie script.”

Squid Game’s achievement broke more than one Netflix fact because it end upstream for over three billion mins throughout its 2nd week alone.

This resulted withinside the display which end up written, created, and directed thruway of the approach of Hwang, Netflix’s most-watched collection to date.

By surpassing 1. nine billion in streams in its debut week, Squid sport joined the exclusive “three billion club,” along with unique Netflix indicates collectively with Ozark, You, and The Crown.

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