Stranger Things Season 4: Sean Astin Wants Justice for Barb

Stranger Things Season 4 Updates: Sean Astin thinks his Stranger Things character Bob doesn’t deserve justice, but he supports Barb, who is gone but not forgotten.

Sean Astin, who plays Bob on Stranger Things, doesn’t believe his character deserves justice but believes Barb should. Fans of Netflix’s hit paranormal series are waiting for news on the long-awaited fourth season.

Stranger Things season 4’s development was greatly hampered by the coronavirus outbreak, and it was originally scheduled to release in 2021. It has had many starts and stops since its inception in spring 2020, and Netflix has stated that it will ultimately release in 2022.

Stranger Things season 3 ended on a cliffhanger, with fans learning that Sheriff Jim Hopper (David Harbour) is alive and being detained in a Russian prison camp.

That plot will undoubtedly be handled in Season 4, but whether or not another long-running issue will be settled remains to be seen. Since the first season of Stranger Things in 2016, fans have been clamouring for Shannon Purser’s Barb to be given justice. Barb, Nancy Wheeler’s quiet, kindhearted friend, was one of Upside Down’s earliest victims, and despite the fact that she only had a little role in Stranger Things overall, viewers are particularly invested in her achieving justice.

Stranger Things Season 4: What Sean Astin Says About the Barb?

Stranger Things Season 4
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Astin is among those who are still pushing for “Justice For Barb.” In honour of The Lord of the Rings’ 20th anniversary, Screen Rant had the opportunity to sit down with Astin and give his character Bob a shout-out. When Astin was approached with the notion of “Justice for Bob,” he politely declined and shifted the focus to Barb. He stated, ” Bob is a big fan of yours. No, no, no. This is the problem. Bob was righteous. He died like a hero. Barb, no one has any idea what happened.

Barb deserves justice! Bob may be honoured with a hero’s statue… Perhaps I’ll stride a horse or something to help me remember… Rename Hawkins High School after him or something along those lines. However, he had… What is the definition of justice?

Stranger Things season 2 included Astin’s Bob Newby. Bob’s gentle, nerdy personality won audiences over as Joyce Byers’ boyfriend. Despite being an excellent addition to the cast, Bob perished while guaranteeing Joyce and several others were able to flee Hawkins Lab during a crucial scene. His sacrifice is arguably one of the most heartbreaking moments in Stranger Things, and it’s simple to argue that he deserves some sort of retribution for what he did.

Bob, on the other hand, has a hero’s end, so Astin has a point when he says he doesn’t need much else. Barb, on the other hand, appears to have been forgotten by a large number of people. Barb’s impact on audiences with so little screen time tells a lot about her as a character, and perhaps she might be honoured with some kind of shoutout.

If the speculations that Stranger Things will end with season 5 are true, giving Barb justice in the show’s final seasons could be an emotional way to return the series to its roots. It’s unclear whether Stranger Things will ever celebrate Barb in a way that fans approve of, but if enough people keep making their voices heard, it might just happen.

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