The Hungry and the Hairy Released On Netflix. Know Here

The Hungry and the Hairy Updates: A South Korean show that has hyped up everyone is The Hungry and the Hairy which will be streamed on Netflix on December 11. As of now, there is no information regarding the fact that the show will contain how many episodes but a wild guess can be made that around 6 to 10 episodes can be expected in the series.

It is full of scenic beauty and food close ups which will enhance the cinematic view of the audiences. The shows trailer has intrigued all the viewers. This show is directed by amazing director named Kim Tae Ho who has previously worked on a number of projects.

It is believed that the comedic duo would do crazy things and every sort of funny scenes to entertain the audience and bring a smile on their faces. This show will mainly be a reality or variety show which would focus on two main characters that are Jung Ji Hoon and Hong Chul Ro.

All About The Hungry and the Hairy

The Hungry and the Hairy
The Korea Herald

The show also focuses on the concept about how two people can be completely opposite to each other but still complement and complete each other.

There are also some insight about the fact that the show would focus on the theme of a motorbike road trip which everyone dreams of once in their lifetime in which the main characters roam around Korea and enjoy it’s local delicacies. It is already into public domain and the fans of Jung Ji also know about his one meal a day mantra.

This would make it interesting to watch and find out how the two main characters would integrate and have fun with two different ideologies.

It is believed that Jung Ji Hoon who is commonly known as Rain in Korea would be present in the show along with Hong Chul Ro who is a South Korean entertainer. It is advised that viewers once check out the trailer and then go ahead to watch the series for a better understanding.

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