The Silent Sea: First Look of Squid Game Actor Revealed

The Silent Sea Updates: Now it is the time for the most exciting and the most thrilling latest South Korean series and now “The Silent Sea” is the new Korean series (K-Drama) going to debut on Netflix sometime soon.

The latest K-drama series is going to be the present for everyone for Christmas Eve. “The Silent Sea” is an upcoming Netflix legal South Korean science fiction drama which is directed by Choi Hang-yang. This series is written by Park Eun-Kyo. Dara rumors about this series back in the time in the month of January 2020 this was initially announced back then.

Release Date

Here are the details about when season one of “The Silent Sea” is going to release and it is going to release on Friday that is on 24th of December 2021 at 12:01 AM PST all over the world.

Till now there are two trailers for “The Silent Sea” series, the first one was of one and a half minutes that was released on Netflix is The Swoon Channel and till December 16th the total views of the trailer are 1.1 million views.

And the other terror of the series is named as the official trailer that was released on the Netflix is prime YouTube channel it is of two minutes and 30 seconds it has released on 10th of December 2021 and till now its entire views are 3.3 million views.

Who Is The Cast We Are Going To Watch?

The Silent Sea
  • Gong Yoo
  • Bae Doo Na
  • Lee Joon
  • Heo Sung Tae
  • Lee Moo Saeng
  • Jung Soon Won
  • Heo Jung Do
  • Lee Joon Hyuk
  • Kim Sun-Young

Here is some amount of information, that was declared by the Han Cinema and the details are, “The Silent Sea” season one series making has already begun in the month of August 2021. There is proper runtime that hasn’t been given yet but the expected long time is 45 minutes, “The Silent Sea” is the first season, there going to be eight episodes entirely.

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