Top 10 Netflix Superhero TV Series to watch

Top 10 Netflix Superhero TV Series to Watch: It’s just not Marvel and DC that presents to us a larger-than-life, inspiring, and awe-inspiring superhero. There are so many great stories from all over the world that provide for superhero elements. And Netflix has accumulated a diverse collection of such stories taking stories from everywhere.

If you are a fan of superhero stories with lots of action and astonishing power to marvel at which fixes the problem at an instance, you’re not going to be disappointed. But even if you want to sway from this stereotypical motif and look for exploring some serious and complex human issues hidden under the hard skin of superhumans, you have come to the right place. Because we have sorted 10 series for you which will satisfy no matter what the taste you have in the superhero genre.

10 must-watch Superhero series on Netflix:

10. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D-

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D

The very first episode of ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D’ was aired on September 24, 2013. It’s the heartfelt story of the government agency that often cooperates with the Avengers to fulfill their mission and save the city of course.

While watching Avengers, if you wondered about the agents showing up quite a few times and discussing serious issues with Captain America, this is the right show, mixed with risk and humor, for you to enjoy.

9. Ragnarok–

Digital Spy

In Netflix’s ‘Ragnarok’, the war between Norse gods and giants is told all over again. Going against the world as a hero, Magne Seier (David Stakston) fights against the evil force who had absolutely no idea about the superpower at the beginning. In this 2020 Norwegian retelling of the myth, the weaponry of the evil force is climate change and industrial pollution, making the show relevant for present-day alongside rising environmentalist issues.

8. Daredevil–


Matt Murdock (Charlie Cox), a blond lawyer whose second life wakes up at night and uses his senses to bring justice as the hero known as Daredevil. There’s a lot of emotion and scenes of martial art. This 2015 series is Marvel’s first Netflix show which still holds the viewers’ love with its dark tale of vigilantism.

7. Supergirl–

Den of Geek

The typical superhero tale of saving people, but this time with a woman wearing a red cape. Kryptonian refugee Kara Danvers, played by Melissa Benoist steps in the footsteps of Clark Kent (Tyler Hoechlin) to save National City. This show that started in 2015 deals with social issues like feminism, transgender rights, etc.

6. The Flash–

The Flash

Arrow’s first spin-off series ‘The Flash’ tells the origin story of the fastest man alive- the Flash as a bolt of lightning strikes Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) the night the S.T.A.R Labs particle accelerator explodes. After that Barry finds himself acquiring super speed which he uses to hunt down criminals.

5. Arrow-


CW’s 2012 adaptation of the Green Arrow made the name of this superhero a well-known one. Stephen Amell plays the role of Oliver Queen who is a billionaire playboy returning home after five years on a desert island. His double life rests at night hunting down criminals with a bow and arrow and lots of martial art. The ‘Arrow’ launched an entire DC universe and is thoroughly popular through these years.

4. Luke Cage–

Luke Cage

This is a series full of racial politics which breaks down quite a few problematic black superhero conventions. First seen in ‘Jessica Jones’, Luke Cage (Mike Colter) is a Harlem Bartender gifted with super strength and unbreakable skin. Though it recently has been canceled on Netflix, viewers can still watch its three seasons, starting from 2016 there.

3. Jessica Jones–

Jessica Jones

If you want some real stuff and not only crazy fighting and power exhibition, you got to watch ‘Jessica Jones’. In titular character plays Krysten Ritter who runs a private investigation firm and uses her superpower sometimes for this. But what makes this series stand out from others is Jessica’s emotional arcs that revolve around the memory of her traumatic kidnapping and mind control by Kilgrave (David Tennant). This 2015 show is packed with the reality that only enhances the magic of the superhero element inside it.

2. Gotham-

Rotten Tomatoes

This 2014 drama series focuses on Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie) in his early days of being a Gotham city police officer. The story of corruption is actually the back story or rather the origin of Batman’s world.

During its five seasons, we travel through years of history meeting some of Dark Knight’s known enemies and allies all in the legendary city of Gotham. Truly, it is a treat for the Batman fans.

1. The Umbrella Academy–

The Umbrella Academy

Adopted by a billionaire and raised to become saviors of people seven super-powered individuals reunite as their father dies. The plot introduces a series of events by them which will, at last, bring the apocalypse. This fan-favorite superhero series stands out by largely unraveling some serious problematic tropes of the superhero genre.

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