Wild Babies: Blue-Chip Natural History Series

Two-time Oscar nominee Helena Bonham Carter has been appointed by Netflix.  She will narrate the blue-chip natural history series. The series is based on the secret world of baby animals in the wild.

Bonham-Carter aboard to narrate the animals’ moving stories in Wild Babies. The show season 1 is produced by the UK indie Humble Bee Films and runs almost eight episodes. Also, the choice of platform for the show is Netflix.

Character-Driven Series: Animal Leads

The character-driven series will lead us into the lives of 17 animal families and a journey across 16 countries. According to reports, animal subjects of the series include lions, wild dogs, sea otters, orangutans, grizzly bears, elephants, bottlenose dolphins, and emperor penguins featuring.

Their story will be followed from a very young time. Also, the journey will cover their birth through developmental milestones and also coming-of-age moments.

Wild Babies

Executive producers Stephenson of Humble Bee are Dunleavy and Charlotte Crosse. They are also the Bristol-based producer behind BBC, Netflix, and Channel Nine co-production Attenborough’s Life in Colour and Attenborough and the Giant Elephant for the BBC and CBC. In addition, the showrunner is Beth Brooks.

Heart-Warming Stories For Audience

Crosse said, “Resonating with a broad family audience, Wild Babies is filled with heart-warming stories. Which is designed especially to make the viewers around the world feel relatable.”

Further adding, “Delivering an ambitious wildlife series along with the global pandemic hitting us.  Was certainly a new challenge that was presented to our team. Although we hadn’t anticipated the creative opportunities that we were given. Also, giving us innovative approaches to emerge.”

The show is a landmark for Netflix’s latest foray, a mark into the natural history space.

Episode 1: Follows Lion Cub

Have you ever found yourself wondering what would it be like to be a wild baby??
Guess, now you can understand.

Wild Babies, from the BBC Studios, follows the life journey of baby animals as they learn how to survive in their natural habitat.

Note: The series is also made available to stream on Netflix.

The first episode of the series dives into the life of lion cubs just after they’re born. Starting from their most vulnerable state. Where they look up to their parents to protect them. Before they grow big enough to protect themselves.

  • One of Africa’s most recognizable species is the lion. In addition, you will also find plenty of other wild babies featured in Wild Babies. Some of the animals are:
  • Pangolins
  • Penguins
  • Elephants
  • Peregrine Falcons

They all will make their appearances throughout the season. Offering you an intimate look into their life, each episode shows us how these little ones venture out into their territory.

Along the way, we hopefully wish for them to avoid being eaten by predators.

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