Will there be Servant Season 4? What M. Night Shyamalan Shared about the Series?

Servant Season 4 Updates: A World of Hell Is About to Torment the Turners in Servant Season 3 Trailer Servant comes back for its Final Season at Apple TV+ Will it be the Finest too?

When Apple TV+’s Servant gets back for the third season on Friday, severe insecurity will take center stage — but it won’t be the only terror stalking the Turners.

And if we’ve learned anything from watching the psychological horror show for two seasons, it’s that things are about to get weird (er).

When we last saw the Turners and their supernaturally gifted nanny, Leanne had resisted and killed her former Church of the Lesser Saints leader Aunt Josephine, eventually deciding to stay and protect the Turners at all costs.

But, with two more seasons to go before the story concludes, the church cult isn’t going away any time soon. So, how will the parents proceed now that baby Jericho has returned, and will Leanne ever be able to fully overcome her fears and her past?

Servant Season 4: What M. Night Shyamalan Says about Season 4?

Servant Season 4

M. Night Shyamalan and his writer/director girl Ishana Shyamalan spoke to TVLine about Leanne’s fragile state,

the series’ cinematographic look and feel, and why Season 4 is the right time to close the Turners’ terrifying tale forward with its debut this Friday on Apple TV+.

Leanne is packed with apprehension at the start of Season 3. What can you reveal about her season’s story arc? SHYAMALAN, M. NIGHT | She’s been living with the paranoia that she’ll face consequences for what she did in Season 2 for a long time.

You can’t leave the cult that she left, so they’ll come after her. This kind of paranoia is delicious: everyone who comes into the house, every neighbor who visits, and everyone who drops off a package is a member of the cult. Because of this, I believe Season 3 is very muscular and frightening.

Season 3 almost feels like the classic narrative thing of being in a house when situations are trying to get in. Like Night of the Living Dead, but in a longer form.

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