Yellowstone season 5

Will there be season 5 of Yellowstone? Release date, plot, and what we know so far!

“It has been years that it’s worth sitting in front of these great flat-screen TVs to give up an hour or two of my time that I’ll never get back. Great job on making season 4, worth the watch so far. Amazing, riveting to say the least” stated by a fan after the trailer release of season 4 of Yellowstone on youtube!!
Apart from this, it’s all been leading to this moment, As the show’s fourth season premieres Sunday, November 7.

Starring Oscar-winning actor Kevin Costner who had made a great impact in the ongoing performance of the show. Features John Dutton (Costner) who controls the largest contagious cattle ranch in the United States oppose protecting his family and his land from the native reservations and what so far. Airing on Paramount network, the Yellowstone TV show nail every finale with nail-biting cliffhangers!

Will Yellowstone renew for season 5?

Although, after seeing the trailer of the fourth season, there may be an assumption going around that Kacey is going to be a lot more savage, and Rip goes ham on everyone. As the third season’s finale had still gripped the viewers.

Paramount Network’s Yellowstone came with its new season after a long-awaited year.  The neo-western drama, harbor by John Dutton, came with its 3rd season’s final in August 2020.


While, the show is performing well, especially when compared to other channels, which can be concluded with  the show’s fate.

As the series has been doing incredible until now and running more slightly, it opened the door for The paramount Network to release two more exclusive series inspired by Yellowstone which is, Mayor of Kingstown and 1883.
As per the data coming about the show, there might be a possibility for the renewal of season 5 of Yellowstone.

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