‘You’re Nothing Special’: The Harmonious Concordance of Teen Series

The youth series try every day to resemble more the social and real problems that young people experience in their day to day. Too bad that sometimes they stay in an attempt to seem like an adult series, skidding in the laziness that the viewer feels.

Fictions with emotional conflicts that we see every two times three in the same products and we end up thinking that if only they are the only ones who suffer in the country. Fatal mistake.

That, to a greater extent, happens to 80% of the juvenile products that are seen in European and North American fiction, cut with the same scissors and adding everything in a cocktail shaker to try to surprise us. Another big mistake when they always offer the same thing.

Fortunately, to savor a good cocktail, it is necessary, among other things, to maintain hope, because it is the last thing that is lost. There is always a 20% of juvenile fictions that are capable of pleasantly surprising us. This is the case of ‘You’re Nothing Special’, the new Netflix fiction, produced by Puy Oria, which arrives on the platform on September 2 .

The fiction narrates the life of Amaia, who, as she says at the beginning of the series, her life “is shit”. After leaving Barcelona, ​​a city where she has all her friends, she arrives at the town of her mother (Elia Galera). Suddenly, one day she discovers that she has inherited the powers of her grandmother, a woman she never met but who was considered the only witch in Salabarria.

The series has been created by Estíbaliz Burgaleta (script coordinator of Skam Spain) and written by herself together with Alberto Grondona (Las Chicas del Cable) and Sergio Granda (Skam España). Inma Torrent (Valeria) is the director.

The positive aspects of ‘You’re Nothing Special’, are not only the interpretation of the protagonist, the empathy that it reflects, the dialogues with the companions… they are above all the relationships between them, much more honest and sincere than those that we see in other products. A series with rhythm, entertaining, at times funny but the highlight: it has soul and heart.

Dèlia Brufau, who we have seen in the short film ‘Tótem Loba’ and in ‘La Voluntaria’, is the perfect incarnation of a misfit young woman to the place where she arrives, missing her friends and trying to fit in with the new location. The interpreter brings charisma to her character, making us feel much closer to her in addition to bringing together other conditioning factors such as her sense of humor.

A fiction for teenagers and those of us who are not; well interpreted, directed and above all much more honest than other products that end up making us hate the new generations. Although it has similar archetypes to those that have been seen other times, here they are handled with rhythm, closeness, a sense of humor and with dramatic as well as supernatural overtones. A series that does not get into puddles of any kind. It goes straight to the point in addition to touching on other social issues such as racism and diversity, but without splashing out with cheap pedantry.

The tenderness of its cast, its closeness and above all the honesty with which it is made are the main assets in favor of a series that pleasantly surprises those who are looking for something sincere and entertaining.

The main cast is made up of Dèlia Brufau (Les de l’hoquei), Óscar de la Fuente, Ainara Pérez, Jaime Wang, Elia Galera (El Cid), Jordi Aguilar (El Bar), Miriam Cabeza (Va semanita) and Gabriel Guevara (Skam Spain). Hilary Yanela, María Mercado, Víctor Pérez and Unai Arana complete the cast.

This is the first Netflix series shot in Navarra. For just over two months, the production, which has more than 50% of local professionals from Navarra and the Basque Country among its technical team, toured different points in this community.

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